Purpose: The purpose of this study was to review the evidence for the use of human patient simulators in physiotherapy education. Method: A review of the physiotherapy literature was undertaken. Due to the lack of studies found the search was expanded to include health professional education. Exclusion criteria were then applied to the identified literature and critical appraisal undertaken. Results: Due to the differences in methodology employed in the studies identified a meta-analysis could not be performed. The studies identified repeat practice and the ability to control the learning environment as positive aspects for learning using human patient simulators. In medical education psychomotor skills improved when simulators where used. Conclusions: Conclusions were not able to be drawn regarding whether the use of human patient simulators leads to improved patient management in a clinical environment especially in the field of physiotherapy. A controlled study investigating cardiorespiratory physiotherapy clinical performance is recommended to determine whether human patient simulators should be used in physiotherapy education




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