Successful inclusion of assistive technology in intervention is limited by training and the level of comfort with technology of treating occupational therapists. Experienced and new therapists need exposure and training on high technology assistive devices newly introduced on the market. The purpose of the study was to identify the effect of a PowerPoint presentation to introduce an emerging high technology device on two groups: 30 licensed occupational therapists and 27 students in an entry level master of occupational therapy program. The PowerPoint developed introduced and educated participants on the Assistive Dining Device. Participants completed a demographic form, the Survey of Technology Use and the Quebec User Evaluation of Satisfaction with assistive Technology. Participants also to rated their satisfaction with the information presented. Results showed 98% of the participants were satisfied with the information presented and 95% of the participants were satisfied with their acquired knowledge base to recommend the device for client use. Master of occupational therapy students were similar in personal characteristics to occupational therapists but were both more satisfied with the Assistive Dining Device characteristics and had a more positive attitude toward technology. Participants who had a less positive attitude toward technology also had a slightly lower mean satisfaction with the Assistive Dining Device than those who had a more positive attitude toward technology. PowerPoint presentations appear to be one effective means of communicating information about new technologies. Further study needs to be done to evaluate the effectiveness of similar media included in packaging and marketing of assistive technology devices.




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