From the Managing Editor

Welcome to Volume 4 Number 2 of the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice.

Recently, I spoke at the Illinois Academy of Audiology and the American Academy of Audiology. The topic was Preceptorship. What is it? It is the imparting of knowledge and skill from teacher to student in the clinical area.

Preceptors are professionals who freely give of their time to help assure the success of a future colleague. These are special people who take students in to their practice or department for the purpose of assuring the future of their profession. But, most do not have professional training as educators. This is an important point to ponder.

Over my years working with medical students, nursing students, and many other health provider programs, I have seen one common thread. Most all training programs are dependent upon preceptors, and in many cases, preceptors, are not paid for this role.

I have asked many preceptors, "How can I help?" They tell me they would like to know more about the educational process, how to be more effective, how to write goals and objectives for their students, and how to assess whether or not the student truly learned.

This is where educators come in. Over the next year, I will publish a letter from the editor, each quarter, starting with Volume 4 Number 3, on the role of the preceptor, learning styles, and methods of feedback and assessment.

Once again, welcome to the latest edition and thank you for reading the journal.


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