Contributions made by allied health programs to the local community extend beyond quality health care. Estimated in this paper are the economic contributions that the College of Allied Health Professions at the University of South Alabama makes to the economy of Mobile County, Alabama, in which the College is located. Economic impact is defined as only those expenditures that are brought to the local economy from outside by the existence of the College, excluding any expenditures that simply change hands in the local economy. Expenditures generated by the existence of the College have the following three groups: expenditures made by out-of-town students, expenditures generated by the College for its operation as well as salaries of its employees who reside in the local area, and external grants generated by the College faculty. In addition to these direct expenditures impact, an estimate is also made for the long-term economic impact of the College on the local economy through the supply of educated health care workers. Total impact is obtained on the basis of RIMS II regional input-output multipliers estimated specifically for Mobile County by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The total amount of the annual direct expenditures impact of the College of Allied Health Professions on the local economy is $29,852,490.43. Including the multiplier effect, the amount of total expenditures generated by the College of Allied Health Professions for the local economy is $60,290,089.67 per year. The total number of jobs that are created or maintained in Mobile County by the College-generated expenditures is 1,248. In addition to the direct and indirect economic impact from new expenditures, the College also contributes to the local economy through education and training of its workers. The College of Allied Health Professions contributes $4,424,398.39 in increased earnings annually to the state of Alabama of which $2,145,335.30 is to Mobile County through its education and training.




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