From the Managing Editor

Welcome to Volume 4 of the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. We have come a long way in the past year. Our growth was tremendous, our popularity has skyrocketed, and our readership as well as authorship has expanded.

With the addition of the online manuscript system, our days in review have been reduced. Authors can now view the article history as it works through the process. We are now averaging a 29 day turn-around from submission to the final manuscript. Obviously, some take longer than others depending on the amount of editing and reviewing required.

It is now time for further changes. Our current method of producing all articles in html and pdf has come to an end. Articles will now appear only in pdf form with the abstract appearing in html. This will improve the time-in-process for the journal, and through advanced pdf security will protect the author by removing the ability to cut and paste. This is a positive change that I hope will be welcomed by authors and readers alike.

Thank you for reading the IJAHSP.


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