Academic success includes setting goals, effective time management, and the match of teaching methods to learning style. It also depends on the educator and the manner in which material is presented. Learning style influences the retention of information and the depth of comprehension. If educators present material in a style that matches a student’s preferred learning style, then academic performance may improve. Assessing learning styles will benefit the student and the educator. Material retention will improve, thus improving test scores and limiting remediation. It is also important to determine if students, as a group, fit into a particular style or a particular cycle as they move through an educational program. The study: Students in the Department of Respiratory Care at Texas State University-San Marcos completed a questionnaire used to assess preferred learning styles. Methods: Analysis of variance was run to test for a relationship between learning cycle and student classification in the program (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior). Cross tabulation was run to test for a relationship between learning style and student classification in the program. Results: Eighty-two students received the Kolb LSI questionnaire. The data demonstrated the juniors preferred a converger learning style and the senior students are in the abstract conceptualization cycle of learning. There were no relationships demonstrated between other groups in the study. Discussion: The junior and senior students appear to prefer the stage of learning involving thinking and problem analysis. When a group of students demonstrate a preference for a particular learning style then educators can develop their curriculum along a similar path.




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