Problems arise when clinicians or educators encounter situations that are error-prone, complex, or distracting. Trigger films (TF) are 2-4 minute vignettes simulating real-life situations that finish abruptly, stimulating participants to analyze situations in a safe environment. We report on a natural evolution of the TF, the patient safety vignette (PSV), a multimedia tool that advantages the human characteristic of vicariousness by inviting stakeholders into an unfolding patient misadventure. PSVs are produced in our high fidelity simulation lab and are based on actual patient events. We have previously demonstrated the validity and reliability of the approach in the healthcare setting, a multidimensional, dynamic and stressful environment where complex, critical, and risky decision making and interventions occur. PSVs offer a systematic approach to facilitating patient safety activity by engaging clinicians in a range of complex scenarios in what we term the “living laboratory.” Initial outcome measures examining efficacy and clinician acceptance are reported.




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