Purpose: In the paediatric population there are two conditions associated with COVID-19 infection: Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PIMS-TS) and Paediatric Long-COVID. The emerging clinical picture of children and young people (CYP) affected by COVID-19 has highlighted the vital role Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) and clinical psychologists have in supporting rehabilitation. Therefore, it is imperative that AHP’s and Psychologists working across all clinical sectors have the knowledge, experience and training to meet the rehabilitation needs of CYP who have been affected by COVID-19. The aim of this cross-sectional survey was to explore AHPs and psychologists’ views on CYP rehabilitation needs and education needs for AHP’s to support CYP rehabilitation to be delivered effectively. Methods: A 20 item online cross-sectional questionnaire was implemented providing a convenience sample of AHP’s and Psychologists who worked with a paediatric population in the United Kingdom. Results: 85 healthcare professionals responded, of which 52 (61%) had direct experience working with CYP affected by PIMS-TS or Long-COVID. We present a model of education and training that addresses gaps in the knowledge and skills of AHP’s and psychologists treating CYP affected by COVID-19 as part of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation approach outlining principles for a model of rehabilitation. Conclusions: AHP’s and psychologists’ management of PIMS-TS and Long-COVID had commonalities with other clinical presentations and therefore transferable knowledge and skills. Multidisciplinary network of professionals who work across this field should combine expertise and come together as a community to share good practice, knowledge and contribute to emerging evidence views. Healthcare professionals should be mindful that effects of COVID-19 may exacerbate existing health inequalities, further impacting school attendance and family relationships.

Author Bio(s)

Jennifer Gardner PhD is a Clinical Psychologist Great Ormond Street Hospital specializing in chronic long-term conditions

Zoe Berger PhD is Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital specializing in chronic long-term conditions

Graeme O'Connor PhD is the research lead for Dietetics at Great Ormond Street Hospital, specializing in paediatric intensive care

Anne Gordon PhD, MSc, BAppSc is a consultant occupational therapist specialising in child brain injury and undertakes post-doctoral research in child stroke and acquired brain injury

Philippa Wright RD is the Chief of Allied Health Professions and Head of Dietetics
Special Interests: Cardiology and Cardiac Intensive Care


We would like to thank all the health professionals who completed the survey making this cross-sectional survey possible, providing a platform for future research in this novel and complex area





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