Purpose: The preparation of professionals who are culturally sensitive and provide patient centered care is an expected outcome of physical therapist education. A review of the literature revealed that patient experience and outcome data regarding physical therapy student-led clinics are lacking. The purpose of this pilot study was to develop a valid patient experience survey that assessed patient centeredness and cultural competence in a gender-neutral manner. Methods: Questions for a new survey, Student-run Outpatient Physical Therapy Experience Survey (SOPTES) were generated using two validated surveys, the Questionnaire of Patient’s Experiences in Post-Acute Outpatient Physical Therapy Settings (PEPAP-Q) and the Tucker-Culturally Sensitive Health Care Provider Inventory Patient Form. The SOPTES was implemented with the validated PEPAP-Q in a student-led clinic and given to 88 patients at discharge. Correlation and exploratory factor analysis were performed. Results: The correlations of patient scores between the two surveys, revealed a significant moderate correlation based on 2-tail analysis (ρ =.396, p < 0.001). Exploratory factor analysis revealed five themes for the PEPAP-Q (patient centered care, supportive environment, availability, invested interest, and adaptability) and three themes in the SOPTES (patient centered care, availability, cultural competence). Conclusion: These findings support the development and use of the SOPTES in a student-led physical therapy clinic to assess student cultural sensitivity and provision of patient centered care.

Author Bio(s)

Teresa Bachman, PT, DPT, DHSc is an Associate Professor and Assistant Program Director in Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences at Baylor University, in Waco, Texas.

Shannon Williams, PT, DPT, is a Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Physical Therapy at Texas State University in Round Rock Texas.

Anne Boddy, PT, DPT, PhD is a Clinical Associate Professor in Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Janet Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA is a Professor and the Department Chair in the Department of Physical Therapy at Texas State University in Round Rock, Texas.




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