Purpose: The design, usability, safety, and feasibility of a telehealth protocol comprising teleassessment and tele rehabilitation to evaluate and improve physical and cognitive function among older adults was assessed. Methods: Healthy older adults (n=23) participated in a pre-post tele-assessment of a 4-week (3 sessions/week) telerehabilitation session. Tele-assessment was performed to evaluate balance, gait function, and cognition. Tele-rehabilitation sessions comprised of balance games, dancing, dual-tasking, yoga, and tai-chi exercises. Results: There were no adverse events reported to indicate concerns with the safety of the current telehealth protocol. Conclusion: The proposed telehealth protocol to assess and improve physical and cognitive function may be feasible for enrolling older adults into a home exercise trial.

Author Bio(s)

Savitha Subramaniam, PT, PhD, is a senior post-doctoral fellow, College of Medicine.

Spyros Kitsiou, PhD, is an Associate Professor, Biomedical and Health Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Tanvi Bhatt, PT, PhD, is a Professor, Physical Therapy Program Coordinator, MS in Healthspan Promotion and Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Professor, Rehabilitation Sciences. University of Illinois at Chicago.





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