Purpose: Back pain and temporomandibular disorder (TMD) are two predominant illnesses that affect the human motor system. Literature has stated significant associations between chronic low back pain (CLBP) and TMD. Global postural deviations cause body adaptation and realignment, which may interfere with the function of TMJ. However, the possibility of TMD in subjects with CLBP associated with spinal postural deformities has yet to be completely explored. Method: This was an observational study carried out among 65 people having CLBP with co-presence of any spinal deformities. Forward head posture (FHP) was assessed using the On-Protractor application and thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis were assessed using flexicurve. Those with co-occurrence of LBP and spinal deformity were further evaluated for the presence of TMD using Fonseca’s questionnaire. The prevalence of TMD in LBP along with spinal deformities was analyzed and the variables were compared based on gender, age categories, and type of LBP (specific and non-specific). Results: The overall prevalence of TMD (mild, moderate, and severe) was 89.2% (n=58) in participants with low back pain and spinal postural abnormalities. The severity of FHP was more in specific LBP than in non-specific LBP, while the occurrence of TMD was equal. The severity of TMD was higher in females than males. Conclusion: The occurrence of TMD is highly prevalent in patients with low back pain and spinal postural deformities. The findings of the study imply that individuals with low back pain and spinal postural deformity should also be evaluated for TMJ dysfunction and initiate early intervention.

Author Bio(s)

Dr Vijay Kage, is the Vice principal, Professor and Head of Orthopedic Physiotherapy department of KAHER institute of Physiotherapy, he is a certified manual therapy practitioner.

Dr Aarti Welling is a Assistant professor of KAHER institute of Physiotherapy and is a certified manual therapy practitioner.

Dr Richa Desai is a Post Graduate student of KAHER institute of Physiotherapy


We would like to thank the health minds firm for extending their help to perform statistical analysis of the data

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