Purpose: Sinusitis in recent times has been known as one of the major causes for reduced quality of life and work absenteeism. Chronic sinusitis being one of the health hazards affecting QOL of subjects of any age and gender requires a specific therapeutic intervention. Clinical trials that can demonstrate the effectiveness of manual therapy intervention in sinusitis cases are lacking. Hence, this study aims to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of three manual therapy techniques in subjects with chronic sinusitis. Method: The current study is a prospective, parallel arm, randomised clinical trial performed at physiotherapy OPD, tertiary health centre, Belagavi. Forty-five subjects who had chronic sinusitis were randomised and allocated into three different manual therapy groups with 15 subjects each study group. Sample size was calculated using the formula n= Sd2[Zα + Zβ]2/d2 where α value was set at 1.96 and β was set at 0.842. Both male and female subjects between 18-45 years of age with chronic sinusitis for more than 3 months were included in the study (with 1 dropout due to loss to follow-up). Subjects in group A received jade stone mobilization, group B received non-abrasive cupping, and group C received manual drainage technique for 3 times a week for 2 weeks with a follow-up at the 6th week from the baseline. As an outcome measure pressure algometer and SNOT-22 questionnaire were taken to assess pressure pain threshold and quality of life of sinusitis subjects respectively. Results: The results showed significant improvement between and within all the three study groups post 2 weeks of intervention in terms of pain pressure threshold and quality of life. However, at 6th week follow-up, the jade stone group showed greater improvement than the other two groups. Conclusion: The study concluded that all the three manual interventions are safe and effective manual therapy techniques to treat the cases of chronic sinusitis.

The trial was prospectively registered under the clinical trial registry of India with trial number CTRI/2020/10/028321.

Author Bio(s)

Monali Gandhi MPT, has completed her master of physiotherapy postgraduation specialized in Orthopedic Physiotherapy from KLE Institute of Physiotherapy, affiliated to KLE Academy of Higher Education of Research, Belagavi, Karnataka, India. She is certified in dry needling, jade stone mobilization and orthopedic manual therapy. Presently employed in a pvt. clinical firm at Mumbai as clinical physiotherapist.

Peeyoosha Gurudut MPT is presently pursuing her PhD in physiotherapy. She is working as an Associate Professor in Dept. of Orthopedic Physiotherapy, KLE Institute of Physiotherapy, affiliated to KLE Academy of Higher Education of Research, Belagavi, Karnataka, India with 15 years of research academic and clinical teaching experience. She is certified manual therapy practitioner for Mulligan's, Maitland, IASTM, jade stone mobilization techniques. She is also trained in Pilates method.


We would like to express our gratitude to the Dept. of ENT, KLE Hospital for referring to us the patients diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. We also would like to sincerely thank the statistician Dr. Vijaya, Dept. of Biostatistics, BLDEA Medical College, Vijayapur, Karnataka, India for carrying out the statistical analysis for the data of my research.




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