Purpose: The longevity and success of dentures depend on clinical factors and the appropriate application of various techniques as well as on patients’ denture hygiene. Recently, the Internet has become an attractive information source for individuals searching for answers to their questions on health-related subjects. The aim of this study was to evaluate the information provided by YouTube videos on denture hygiene and analyze their content in terms of scientific validity. Method: Various key words related to denture cleaning, hygiene, and care were used to search for videos on YouTube. Based on their scientific content, the included videos were classified as useful, misleading, or as a user experience video. The content of each video was qualitatively evaluated by two researchers. Results: Ninety-six videos were selected for analysis. Sixty-one (63.6%) videos were defined as useful, 20 (20.8%) were defined as misleading, and 15 (15.6%) were assigned to the user experience category. Although significant differences were not observed among the interaction index and viewing rate variables (p>0.05), the scores for overall quality were higher for the videos in the useful group than for the videos in the other two groups (pConclusion:YouTube is a dynamic source of both useful and misleading information. Therefore, it is essential that dentists provide proper denture hygiene instructions to their patients during patient visits.

Author Bio(s)

Kubra Degirmenci, DDS, is an assistant professor of Prosthodontics department in the University of Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal.

Serkan Saridag DDS,Phd is an associate professor of Prosthodontics department in Istanbul Okan University.





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