The Healthcare Leadership Alliance [HLA] Competency Directory includes soft skill competency statements that can be considered broad and vague and therefore, not measurable or useful for training and developing the behaviors expected of new hires. The purpose of the research was to advance the Healthcare Leadership Alliance [HLA] Competency Directory by examining the views of healthcare administrators about observable behaviors expected of new hires. A convenience panel consisted of 20 mid- to senior-level health administrators in the Midwest. The research design was a 4-Round Delphi technique. Experts reached consensus on the top two HLA soft-skill competency statements included in the study and attached attitudes and behaviors after four rounds. Behaviors for a productive and successful workplace appeared challenging for several of the experts. The study sought to answer what are the observable behaviors associated with the most critical soft-skill competencies in practice.

Author Bio(s)

Robbya R. Green-Weir, Ph.D., MHSA, is an Assistant Professor in the School of Allied Health Sciences, Division of Health Care Management at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

David Anderson, Ph.D., is a Professor in the College of Education, Leadership and Counseling at Eastern Michigan University.

Robert Carpenter, Ph.D., is Professor in the College of Education, Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University.





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