Purpose: This study is meant to assess the attitude and barrier towards research in physiotherapy interns of Nigeria. Method: A WhatsApp-based cross sectional online survey was conducted using an e-questionnaire (Google form). The link was sent to corresponding intern from each training institution in Nigeria. Frequency, percentages, means, standard deviation and ANOVA or t test were used to analyse the data in SPSS version 20 at alpha level 0.05. Result: The majority of the participants were male (73.2%) within the age range of 26-30 years (53.6%) and undergoing the training in northwestern part of the country (48.2%). Though the majority of students have undergraduate training on research, only few are currently involved in research. The participants have positive attitudes (4.11), see great barriers (3.37) and have had a good experience with research (2.70). Conclusion and Recommendation: Participants reported a positive attitude towards the effect of research as the majority strongly believe in its professional enhancement and improvement in patient’s care. However, barriers such as lack of financial support, incentives, mentorship, and sufficient time were found to be great challenges towards conducting research.

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All authors are physiotherapists at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital.




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