Background: Field hockey is a team sport requiring a combination of skill set to enhance a player’s performance. Power, Fitness and Agility are few such basic parameters. Newer training protocols are constantly explored to achieve the desired effect and plyometrics is one such method. It is also important to know how long lasting the effects of training are. Methodology: Fifty (50) male field hockey players at interschool and zonal level participated in the study. These sports specific parameters - lower limb power, fitness level and agility - were tested using the vertical jump test, 40-metre sprint test, and shuttle cross pick up test respectively. Plyometric training was supervised for 6 weeks and the values were recorded at baseline, 3rd week, and 6th week. The training was stopped after six weeks and the post cessation values on the 8th week were recorded. Results: Plyometric training showed statistically significant improvement in all the test parameters throughout the 6 weeks. The effects of training post cessation of the plyometric regimen also were statistically significant after two weeks. Conclusion: Plyometric training was effective in improving the lower limb power, fitness level, and agility level. Long lasting effects of training were also noted. Coaches will find it a very effective protocol and one of the ideal methods to enhance player performance.

Author Bio(s)

Dr. Vijaya Krishnan (PT), is an Assistant Professor at the MGM College of Physiotherapy, Navi Mumbai. She aspires to be an asset to the ever growing field of physiotherapy.

Dr. Twincy Rajawadha (PT), is a Physiotherapy Graduate eager to explore the world of physiotherapy with dedication.


We would like to express our gratitude towards our College Principal and all the participants of the study.





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