PURPOSE: Standup paddleboard (SUP) racing is the quintessential power-endurance sport that requires a combination of skill, aerobic power as well as muscular strength and endurance. The purpose of this case study was to examine the training, diet and supplement regimen of an elite paddler in preparation for an ultra-distance Standup paddleboard race (i.e., Molokai to Oahu [M2O) 32-mile open ocean SUP race).

METHODS: The physical characteristics of the paddler are as follows: 32-year old female, 167.6 cm height, 62.7 kg weight and 19% body fat (Bod Pod®). During the six-month training program, the athlete's daily average intake of the macronutrients was as follows: protein 151 g/d, carbohydrate 122 g/d and fat 62 g/d. Through this time the athlete incorporated more protein-based supplements pre-and post-training as well as supplementing with beta-hydroxy methylbutyrate (HMB) and beta-alanine. The athlete also incorporated a periodized training plan over the 6 months prior to the race. This included an average distance of run training of 24 miles/month as well paddle training 74 miles/month. Paddling training increased from 64 miles in the first month, eventually working up to 105 miles for the fifth month followed by a taper. The periodized plan was designed to increase paddling mileage 15 to 25% every four weeks and included a mix of various training types such as high intensity interval training, steady state cardio, and sprint training.

RESULTS: The interventions listed above, along with a periodization training program resulted in an increase of 2.2 kg body mass and a decrease of 2% body fat.

CONCLUSION: The nutritional strategies undertaken included an increased daily protein intake, as well as supplementation with HMB and beta-alanine. Together, these strategies resulted in a 3.16 kg gain in LBM as well as a 2% decrease in body fat. In addition, the prescribed strategies lead to a successful finish of 6th place overall female with a time of 6:37:36 at the M2O Stand-up Paddleboard Championship.

Author Bio(s)

Victoria Burgess, PhD student, Concordia University Chicago, Health and Human Performance, Chicago, IL.

Pete Bommarito, owner, Bommarito Performance Systems, Davie, FL.

Jose Antonio, PhD, Professor, Department of Health and Human performance at Nova Southeastern University, Davie, FL.





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