The contributions of allied health professionals to patient care is well recognized in developed countries. In developed countries, allied health providers can reach the general public easily and cater to the health care needs of the society. However, medical dominance in developing countries often curtails the autonomy of allied health professionals. The Public Health Foundation of India prepared a report in 2012 on allied health professionals in India. This report explained the role of the AHP in improving the health status of the country. The objective of this commentary is to provide a possible opportunity for better integrating the allied health professions in the provision of health care in India based on the report prepared by the Public Health Foundation of India.

Author Bio(s)

Narasimman Swaminathan, is a Physiotherapist by training and working as a Vice Principal, College of Allied Health sciences, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research, Chennai, India.

Prof. Karen Grimmer is an accomplished leader in the field of Allied Health Sciences. She was former director of International Center of Allied Health Evidence, University of South Australia.

Dr Steve Milanese, is the Director of International Center for Allied Health Evidence, University of South Australia.



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