Volume 17, Number 1 (2019)



Use of the Kawa Model to Facilitate Interprofessional Collaboration: A Pilot Study
Jennifer E. Lape, Ashley Lukose, Diana R.M. Ritter, and Brian D. Scaife


Setting Research Priorities Within Allied Health: What Do Clinicians Think?
Annette Davis, Den-Ching Angel Lee, Lisa-Anabell Wenzel, and Terry Haines


Effect of Mental and Physical Practice on Clinical Skill Learning in Kinesiology
Melanie E. Perreault, Christopher Brown, Robert J. Doan, and David R. Dolbow

Article Review

Opinion Piece

Review Article


Epidemiology of Equestrian Accidents: a Literature Review
Lauren Meredith, Robert Ekman, and Karin Brolin

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