Purpose: The incidence of obesity is rising worldwide, as is the presentation of these patients to the acute hospital setting. As a result of their complex nature, including medical co-morbidities, psychosocial issues, and healthcare resource limitations, management of these patients requires a coordinated and intensive multi-disciplinary approach. Although there are considerable data reporting the surgical management of obese patients, there is very limited literature regarding non-surgical interventions, including approaches to safe and effective mobilization. Methods: A case report is presented of a 55-year-old super-obese male transferred to a major tertiary referral healthcare centre for management of his overall medical condition and rehabilitation. As a result of the patient’s inability to tolerate the supine position because of central obesity, a novel approach to mobilization was undertaken whereby a bariatric tilt-table was used to facilitate standing and walking from the semi-prone position. This mobilization program was led by a physiotherapist with support and input from the multi-disciplinary team. Conclusion: It was safely and effectively implemented and enabled the patient to be discharged to his desired rural location.

Author Bio(s)

Jessica Anaf BAppSc(Physio), is the Principal Physiotherapist, Medicine, Physiotherapy Department, Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Amy Wigmore, BAppSc(Human Movement), MOT, is the Senior Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy Department, Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

Kathy Stiller, BAppSc(Physio), PhD, is the Allied Health Research Coordinator, Central Adelaide Local Health Network.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors wish to thank the patient involved for his written consent to report his case and those involved in the mobilization program, in particular Mitchelle Trezise, Michael Anderson, Brooke Greenshields, Chris Jayne, Carolyn Saunders, Chris Spigiel and Annabel Tolfts.



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