Introduction: Healthcare leaders advocate for interprofessional education as a means to promote collaborative practice, enhance interdisciplinary communication, and improve patient safety in the health professions. There is little evidence specific to interprofessional simulation in paramedic education. Methods: The National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) surveyed paramedic programs that were accredited or in the process of becoming accredited. Program respondents were asked to characterize their resources and their use of those resources, and then were asked about their perceptions pertaining to simulation in their program. Chi-square analysis was used to compare characteristics of programs that participated in interdisciplinary simulation with those that did not. Results: Of the 389 of 638 (61%) paramedic program survey respondents, 44% (159 of 362) report interprofessional simulation. They perceived they used the right amount of simulation more frequently than other paramedic programs X2 (1, N=362) = 8.425, p X2 (1, N=362) = 11.751, pX2 (1, N=356) = 8.838, pX2 (1, N=362) = 4.704, pX2 (1, N=362) = 11.508 pX2 (1, N=362) = 5.495, pX2 (1, N=359) = 12.595, p<0.01.Conclusion: This research suggests that paramedic programs conducting interdisciplinary simulation indicated they have greater access to resources and faculty training to support simulation.

Author Bio(s)

  • Kim D. McKenna MEd, RN, EMT-P is Chair of the Research Committee at the National Association of EMS Educators, and Director of Education at St. Charles County Ambulance District
  • Elliot Carhart EdD, RRT, NRP, NCEE is Associate Professor and Director at the Center for Healthcare Simulation Research at Jefferson College of Health Sciences
  • Daniel L. Bercher PhD, NRP is Chairman and Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Andrew E. Spain MA, EMT-P, NCEE is Director of Accreditation and Certification at the Society for Simulation in Healthcare
  • John Todaro BA, RN, NRP, NCEE is EMS/CME Academic Department Coordinator at St. Petersburg College
  • Joann Freel BS, CMP is the Executive Director
at National Association of EMS Educators




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