Nova Southeastern University Establishes the Alpha Upsilon Delta (ΑΥΔ) Audiology National Honor Society

Nova Southeastern University established the Alpha Upsilon Delta (ΑΥΔ) Audiology National Honor Society on July 28, 2015. The purpose of the Society is to promote and recognize significant scholarship, leadership, and service to the Audiology profession, and to advance the science of hearing and vestibular disorders.

Alpha Upsilon Delta is the first and only national honor society dedicated to academic scholarship in Audiology. Membership in Alpha Upsilon Delta is granted to those individuals graduating from programs with a doctoral degree in Audiology or the Hearing Sciences who have maintained an overall scholarship average of 3.8 or better and shown capacity for leadership, service, and achievement.

Promovendo professionem ad auditus et stater; promoting the profession of hearing and balance.

For more information please contact, Erica Friedland, AuD at ericaf@nova.edu.


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