Current Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) standards allow education programs to determine the most appropriate format and content of preceptor workshops. Clinicians, including preceptors, have noted challenges trying to keep their knowledge updated with current standards of care and educational competencies. Clinicians and preceptors in our program and the literature have described challenges trying to keep knowledge current with changing standards of care, research evidence, and athletic training educational competencies. Preceptors also value applicable and easily accessible continuing education opportunities. In order to address these challenges and provide accessible continuing education opportunities for preceptors, the faculty in our professional education program have designed and implemented a series of preceptor workshops for the past two years. These workshops are offered approximately three times per year, and each workshop focuses on clinical teaching, clinical skills, or professional practice issues. We developed these workshops based on current literature, interests of our preceptors, and needs of our program in applicable, accessible formats. Much of the content is similar to academic course content, but the delivery is tailored to the experience levels of our practicing clinicians. Anecdotally, we have observed improved interactions between students and preceptors and more frequent implementation of updated standards of care by our preceptors. Preceptors positively rate these workshops and describe how they plan to change several aspects of their role as a preceptor as a result of attending the workshops. Considering clinicians face challenges keeping knowledge current and obtaining applicable continuing education opportunities, athletic training programs may consider providing continuing education opportunities to ensure that preceptors are able to provide a constructive learning environment. This article describes how providing these workshops directly to preceptors may allow athletic training education programs to tailor the content and delivery to clinician and program needs.




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