Context: Wearing wristbands embedded with holograms at certain frequencies are believed to increase proprioception. There has been very little research to determine if holographic wristbands have any physiological effect on the body. Objective: To determine if the holograms embedded in the wristbands will improve proprioception during a single leg stance test on the dominant foot. Design and Setting: Controlled Athletic Training laboratory study. Participants: Twenty-four healthy college students of different activity levels (7 men, 17 women; age = 22.6 ± 1.2 years, height = 170.18 ± 12.10 cm, mass = 69.51 ± 15.63 kg) without any lower extremity injuries in the past three months participated. The subjects were also excluded if they have worn a holographic wristband in the past three months. Intervention(s): Each subject completed two trials under three protocols (holographic wristband, placebo wristband, no wristband) in a counter-balanced order for a total of six different tests with each test lasting 30 seconds. Subjects tested under each protocol using a single leg stance test on their dominant leg, hands on their hips, and looking forward at a fixed point on the wall. Main Outcome Measure(s): Balance analysis of the subjects was performed using an AMTI AccuSway Force Platform measuring Center of Pressure velocity and Center of Pressure Area 95. A statistical analysis of the data was done using repeated measures to test for differences between each condition. Results: The results showed no significant differences between protocols for Center of Pressure velocity (F = 1.130, P = .332). We also found no significant differences between protocols for Center of Pressure Area 95 (F = 1.271, P = .290). Conclusions: The results showed that the use of the holographic wristbands or a placebo wristband did not appear to have an impact on static balance. Overall, the results show that the use of the wristbands did not appear to have an impact on proprioception.




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