Welcome to Year 13

Welcome to Year 13. Hopefully good luck for the journal.

Yes, with this Volume we begin our 13th year in publication. I believe we are the longest running open access, online, allied health journal in existence. Quite an accomplishment given that we are a volunteer, free-to-publish and free-to-read journal. I want to thank all of the editors, reviewers, and authors who make the journal possible, and to NSU who supplies the servers to host the site.

If you haven't already done so, join us on linkedin. We will be replacing the list serve subscription process with our linked in group to better communicate with authors, potential authors, and those who review for the journal.

If you are a reviewer, please be sure to keep us up to date with your current email address and affilitation. We have several reviewers who have disappeared, and it may be an out of date address in the system. Please note that if we can't reach you, or you don't respond to requests, we remove you from the system.

To our authors, and potential authors, as we continue to move forward, please keep us in mind for your next manuscript. The IJAHSP is an excellent place to publish because of our mission and methods. We continue to assist first time and seasoned authors to publish. That doesn't mean its easy. Our acceptance rate is 50%. What makes us different is the variety of topics and specialties.

Thank you


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