Purpose: Post-operative breast cancer patients receive physiotherapy to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and increase strength. The aim of this study was to provide qualitative information about which techniques are utilised by physiotherapists in the management of post-operative breast cancer patients in a hospital physiotherapy outpatient department setting in Western Sydney, Australia. Method: Common interventions were listed on a survey and physiotherapists were asked to select which treatment interventions they used and the frequency of use. Results: A total of 20 surveys were completed out of 25 disseminated. The most commonly used intervention was stretches with 100% of respondents using stretches frequently. This was followed by range of motion exercises with 95% using this intervention frequently. General arm care advice and postural education were frequently utilised by 80% of respondents. Conclusions: The most common physiotherapy interventions used in the management of post-operative breast cancer patients were shoulder stretches, glenohumeral joint range of motion exercises, general arm care advice, and postural education.




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