Purpose: This study evaluated the effect of video-aided oral debriefing on task management of anesthesiologist assistant students through the use of high-fidelity anesthesia crisis simulation scenarios. This information describes an evaluation of student learning that is valuable in student educational and workplace competency. Method: A total of 18 graduate students in an anesthesiologist assistant program voluntarily participated in two anesthesia simulation scenarios separated by one of two debriefing methods (oral debriefing versus video-aided oral debriefing). Task management scores of the scenarios were assessed through the Anesthetists’ Nontechnical Skills system. Task management scores after the pre-intervention scenario were compared to the scores after the post-intervention scenario. The effectiveness of video-aided oral debriefing was studied using a within-subjects analysis. The comparison of video-aided oral debriefing to oral debriefing was examined with a between-subjects analysis. Results: The results showed a significant improvement in the intervention group from the initial assessment to the subsequent assessment in task management (p< 0.001). However, results did not show a statistically significant difference between the two debriefing methods after a second anesthesia crisis scenario (p=0.21). Conclusion: The research study found that task management during anesthesia crisis scenarios improved after video-aided oral debriefing. No difference was found when comparing the improvement in task management between debriefing methods. Therefore, video-aided oral debriefing was comparable to oral debriefing in improving task management in this study.




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