Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the short-term effect of a pointe shoe toe box shape on proprioception in novice ballet dancers. Methods: Thirty-six female subjects completed the study (age = 13.2 + 2.2 years, height = 156.4 + 11.5 cm, weight = 46.6 + 9.4 kg). Subjects were assigned randomly to one of two groups. One group of 18 subjects was assigned to the tapered toe box pointe shoe, and the other group of 18 subjects was assigned to the square toe box pointe shoe. Subjects in each group were given a choice of any variation, brand, or size of shoe, only being restricted on the tapered or square box style. They were expected to train using that shoe, exclusively, over the next six weeks. Each subject’s static proprioception (the Center of Pressure [COP] area [Area95] and reaction velocity [Vavg]) was measured prior to and following their six weeks of standard training using the AMTI AccuSway Plus forceplate. Results:A mixed-design ANOVA showed no effect on static proprioception for either shoe type. Conclusions: The shape of pointe shoe toe boxes does not have an effect on static proprioception in novice ballet dancers in a six week training program. Future research should evaluate these effects over a longer duration to evaluate long-term effects.





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