Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the face and content validity of a modified self-report questionnaire adapted from previous studies’ questionnaires. The modified questionnaire will be used in a later study to assess the effect of online learning on behaviors, attitudes, and clinical practices of physical therapists in the United States regarding evidence-based clinical practice. Methods: An expert panel of nine physical therapists in the field of evidence-based practice reviewed and rated the modified instrument for the relevance and representativeness of each item based on a dichotomous rating of favorable or unfavorable. Their ratings were used to calculate the content validity index values of each final item. Items with content validity index (CVI) greater than 0.78 were included in the final instrument. Results: The final instrument contained 23 Likert-type scale multiple choice questions and 13 dichotomous “yes” or “no” response options, and 13 are ranked response options categorized under eight thematic domains designed to address the effect of internet use and online information resource use on evidence-based practice among physical therapists in the United States. Demographic and practice data were also collected. Conclusion: The preliminary findings support the face and content validity of this 59-item questionnaire pending further validation for construct and criterion validity.




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