Purpose: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes are important components of professional training to maintain competence. There is insufficient information regarding physiotherapists’ participation in CPD activities in Ghana. This study aimed to provide insight into the engagement, attitude, and barriers towards CPD activities among Ghanaian physiotherapists. Methods: A cross-sectional survey study involved 50 clinical physiotherapists who were registered with the Ghana Association of Physiotherapists. A validated questionnaire that contained 34 open and closed-ended items was adapted from an existing tool to gather information from the participants. The questionnaire sought information on biodata, clinical practice issues, engagement, attitudes, and barriers regarding CPD. Data were analysed using frequency distributions, means, percentages, and one sample proportion (z score) test. Significance level was set a priori at p< 0.05. Results: The reported clinical experience of the participants showed that the majority (n=33: 67.34%) had worked less than six years whilst 11 (22.45%) had worked for more than 10 years. Most respondents 27(56%) spend 1 to 3 hours per week reading their professional literature. A significant proportion (p≤0.05) of physiotherapists showed good attitude towards CPD. Lack of leadership direction (22%) and non-availability of relevant courses (18%) were identified as the main barriers by the respondents at health practice facilities. At the national level, lack of sponsorship (33%) and information (23%) were cited as their barriers. Conclusion: Physiotherapists demonstrated a positive attitude towards CPD. Lack of sponsorship and leadership direction were identified as main barriers at the national level and practice facility respectively, thus stressing the need to motivate healthcare personnel in their quest to improve skills.




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