Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is considered to be an essential component of clinical service delivery in healthcare. Australian physiotherapists have access to a wide range of resources to support the implementation of EBP. However, research indicates variability in how physiotherapists apply EBP with a range of factors affecting the successful implementation of EBP into everyday clinical practice. Using survey methodology, this study examined whether participation in an EBP professional development workshop is an effective strategy to enhance knowledge, attitudes and behaviours associated with EBP of physiotherapists working in a rehabilitation setting. Results revealed that nearly one third of participants rated their EBP knowledge and skills at a higher level following attendance at the workshop. An increase in the frequency in EBP related activities by physiotherapists including conducting searches and reading or reviewing research literature to support clinical decision-making was observed following attendance at the EBP workshop. Participants’ opinions of the value of EBP in improving the quality of patient care were noted to be more positive following the workshop. This small-scale study provides some promising results regarding the positive effects that designated EBP professional development can have on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours of physiotherapists in their application of EBP. The elements that are required to further support and sustain a strong EBP culture amongst physiotherapists working in rehabilitation are also discussed.




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