Background: The use of evidence to guide clinical practice has been challenging for health professionals across the globe. Issues of implementing the evidence become even more challenging among health professionals in developing countries because of cultural and contextual issues which compound the existing implementation barriers reported in the literature. An evidence based practice (EBP) training was developed for physiotherapists in a developing country (the Philippines) based on the literature and preliminary exploratory studies. The training program aimed to address issues of barriers to EBP and the nature of practice in a developing country. This study reports the process and findings of pilot testing the training program (EBP for FilPTs). Objectives: The objectives of the pilot study were to, 1) Estimate the effect size of the EBP training program in enhancing knowledge and skills in EBP, 2) Determine the sample size for a subsequent RCT, 3) Test the acceptability of the EBP training program, and, 4) Refine the components of the intervention (training program) as needed. Methods: Seven physiotherapists purposively sampled from one training institution which does not provide training on evidence-based practice were randomly allocated to the intervention (EBP for FilPTs) and the waitlist control groups. Pre-post intervention measures of knowledge and skills associated with EBP were assessed using the Adapted Fresno test. Participants and observers completed an evaluation summary and commented on the program Results and Conclusion: The EBP training program resulted in significant and large improvement (Effect Size = 0.8) in knowledge and skills. It was considered by participants to be an effective, acceptable, and practical medium to teach EBP to physiotherapists.




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