From the Managing Editor

The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice begins its 10th year of publication with this issue. The journal has been an ongoing publication of the College of Allied Health and Nursing at Nova Southeastern University. There has been a name change. We are now published by the College of Health Care Sciences at NSU. Same commitment, new name. We will continue to support and publish the IJAHSP.

To date, the Journal has published over 250 manuscripts, book reviews, and commentaries from countries around the globe. Our network continues to expand as new authors come in to contact with the IJAHSP. We are consistently visited by individuals from 108 countries.

Reviewers and Editors continue to volunteer their time and expertise to the mission of the journal - to publish manuscripts pertaining to the education and practice of allied health professionals. If it wasn't for our talented and committed colleagues, as well as our authors and commentary writers, the Journal would not exist.

Working with first-time and seasoned authors continues to be the backbone of the Journal's existence. We go the extra mile to help authors write better manuscripts.

Over the next year, we will continue to forge new partnerships to bring to light the vast array of health professions throughout the world. Your help as authors, and perhaps future reviewers, is always welcome.

Thank you for reading the IJAHSP. We look forward to your manuscripts as well as your readership and support.


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