I would like to welcome you to the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. We are pleased to open this venue for both budding and senior authors in the health sciences and education. Over the past several months, we have developed what I feel will be an excellent resource for all health care practitioners. I would like to thank Mr. Steve Cohen, MS, PA-C for his devotion to this project and for the design of the overall journal. My thanks to the members of the editorial board and the reviewers who helped to move this journal forward. I would also like to thank the authors who have made this first edition possible.

Allied health has been an association specific enterprise, and seldom do we have the opportunity to publish in the same journal. Rarely, are new authors encouraged to send in their first attempts at authorship. We at the IJAHSP welcome the first-time writer as well as the seasoned researcher. Being an academically based journal, we will make it a point to assist authors of all experience levels to publish.

As we build this resource, your comments and ideas are more than welcome. You will be helping to shape an excellent source of information for students and practitioners.


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