Faculty Articles

Faculty Articles

A selection of scholarly articles from the faculty of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2009

Comparative study of interspecific genetic divergence and phylogenic analysis of genus Jatropha by RAPD and AFLP: genetic divergence and phylogenic analysis of genus Jatropha., D V. Sudheer Pamidiamarri, Naushira Pandya, M P. Reddy, and T Radhakrishnan

Use of Comparison Films for Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis among Florida Radiologists, N Wadhwa, M Hernandez, D Steinkohl, A Bhasin, C Bailey, and A Perez


Use of Comparison Films for Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis Among Florida Radiologists, N Wadhwa, M Hernandez, D Steinkohl, A Bhasin, C Bailey, and Alina M. Perez

Use of Comparison Films for Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis Among Florida Radiologists, Nitin Wadhwa, Marlow Hernandez, Debra Steinkohl, Anjali Bhasin, Alina M. Perez, and Chris Bailey


Baby Steps: A Design Proposal for More Believable Motion in an Infant-Sized Android, Silpa Wairatpanij, Himalaya Patel, Gary D. Cravens, and Karl F. MacDorman


Gender differences in medication management capacity in HIV infection: the role of health literacy and numeracy., Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Deborah L. Jones, Dushyantha Jayaweera, Peggy Gonzalez, Javier Romero, and Raymond L. Ownby


Sexuality in Later Life: Opportunity for Reflections for Healthcare Providers, Yulia Watters and Tommie V. Boyd

Military Readiness: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Marksmanship and Visual Acuity, K. H. Wells, H. Wagner, L. N. Reich, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Impaired immune function in Gulf War Illness., T Whistler, Mary A. Fletcher, W Lonergan, Xiao R. Zeng, J M. Lin, A Laperriere, S D. Vernon, and Nancy G. Klimas

Submissions from 2008

HIV risk behaviors of Latin American and Caribbean men who have sex with men in Miami, Florida, USA, Mete Akin, Maria I. Fernandez, George Stephen Bowen, and Jacob C. Warren


Return to Sender: Letter Writing to Bring Hope to Both Client and Team, Shatavia Alexander, Lee Shilts, Michele Liscio, and Anne H. Rambo

Stress management effects on perceived stress and cervical neoplasia in low-income HIV-infected women., M H. Antoni, D B. Pereira, I Marion, N Ennis, M P. Andrasik, R Rose, J McCalla, T Simon, Mary A. Fletcher, J Lucci, J Efantis-Potter, and M J. O'Sullivan

Learning the Many Meanings of Family: Contemporary Perspectives for Elders, J. Browne and James Hibel

Condom Use Among High-Risk Adolescents: Anticipation of Partner Disapproval and Less Pleasure Associated with Not Using Condoms, Larry K. Brown, Ralph DiClemente, Richard Crosby, Maria I. Fernandez, David Pugatch, Sylvia Cohn, Celia Lescano, Scott Royal, Jacqueline R. Murphy, Barbara Silver, William E. Schlenger, and For the Project Shield Study Group


Women and non-cardiac chest pain: gender differences in symptom presentation., Cheryl N. Carmin, Raymond L. Ownby, Pamela S. Wiegartz, and George T. Kondos

Gender Differences in the Labor Supply Function of U.S. Pharmacists, Manuel J. Carvajal and Patrick C. Hardigan


Editor’s Annual Report, Ronald J. Chenail and Kimberly Cronin


A health information technology glossary for novices., Gary Dean Cravens, Brian E Dixon, Atif Zafar, and Julie J McGowan


Facilitating informatics knowledge dissemination: targeted implementation resources for health care providers., Brian E Dixon, Atif Zafar, Elizabeth C Whipple, Gary Dean Cravens, and Julie J McGowan

Brain angiotensin-converting enzymes: role of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 in processing angiotensin II in mice., K M. Elased, T S. Cunha, F K. Marcondes, and Mariana Morris

Relationship between physician supply and breast cancer survival: a geographic approach., Jay M. Fleisher, Jennie Q. Lou, and M Farrell

Mechanisms of NK cell dysfunction in GWI, Mary A. Fletcher, T. Whistler, S. Vernon, J. Craddock, and Nancy G. Klimas

Testosterone and growth hormone normalization: a retrospective study of health outcomes., E Ginzburg, A Lin, M Sigler, D Olsen, Nancy G. Klimas, and A Mintz

How to Assess and Ensure the Safety of your Suicidal Patients, Leonard M. Gralnik and Douglas G. Flemons

Psychological distress, killer lymphocytes and disease severity in HIV/AIDS, J. M. Greeson, B. E. Hurwitz, M. M. Llabre, N. Schneiderman, F. J. Penedo, and Nancy G. Klimas

Application of Rasch Rating Scale Model to Analysis of Job Satisfaction among Practicing Pharmacists, Patrick C. Hardigan and Manuel J. Carvajal


White, M. (2007). Maps of Narrative Practice. New York : W. W. Norton, 304 pp, James Hibel

Exercises within a Graduate Course in Narrative Therapy, James Hibel and M. Poland

Fixation techniques for split anterior tibialis transfer in spastic equinovarus feet., H Hosalkar, J Goebel, S Reddy, Naushira Pandya, and M A. Keenan

Perceived stress and norepinephrine predict the effectiveness of response to protease inhibitors in HIV., G Ironson, E Balbin, E Stieren, K Detz, Mary A. Fletcher, N Schneiderman, and Mahendra Kumar

Differential gene expression profiling of large and small retinal ganglion cells., D Ivanov, G Dvoriantchikova, D J. Barakat, Lubov Nathanson, and V I. Shestopalov

Collaborative practice: a theory-based collaborative approach to HIV/AIDS prevention in Latino youth., Robin J. Jacobs

Theory based community practice for HIV prevention in midlife and older women, Robin J. Jacobs

Episodic antiretroviral therapy increases HIV transmission risk compared with continuous therapy: results of a randomized controlled trial, Nancy G. Klimas, W. Burman, B. Grund, J. Neuhaus, J. Douglas Jr., G. Friedland, E. Telzak, R. Colebunders, N. Paton, M. Fisher, C. Rietmeijer, and INSIGHT Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group

Risk for opportunistic disease and death after reinitiating continuous antiretroviral therapy in patients with HIV previously receiving episodic therapy: a randomized trial, Nancy G. Klimas, W. M. El-Sadr, B. Grund, J. Neuhaus, A. Babiker, C. J. Cohen, J. Darbyshire, S. Emery, J. D. Lundgren, A. Phillips, and J. D. Neaton

Major clinical outcomes in antiretroviral therapy (ART)-naive participants and in those not receiving ART at baseline in the SMART study, Nancy G. Klimas, S. Emery, J. A. Neuhaus, A. N. Phillips, A. Babiker, C. J. Cohen, J. M. Gatell, P. M. Girard, B. Grund, M. Law, M. H. Losso, A. Palfreeman, and R. Wood

Viral resuppression and detection of drug resistance following interruption of a suppressive non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-based regimen, Nancy G. Klimas, Z. Fox, A. Phillips, C. Cohen, J. Neuhaus, J. Baxter, S. Emery, B. Hirschel, K. H. Hullsiek, C. Stephan, J. Lundgren, and INSIGHT Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group

Overview of HIV., Nancy G. Klimas, A O. Koneru, and Mary A. Fletcher

Inferior clinical outcome of the CD4+ cell count-guided antiretroviral treatment interruption strategy in the SMART study: role of CD4+ Cell counts and HIV RNA levels during follow-up, Nancy G. Klimas, J. D. Lundgren, A. Babiker, W. El-Sadr, S. Emery, B. Grund, J. D. Neaton, J. Neuhaus, and A. Phillips

Overview of HIV/AIDS and the Challenges We Face" special HIV/AIDS supplement to Psychosomatic Medicine, Nancy G. Klimas and Ann Obrien

Cell-type-specific Level of DNA Nucleotide Excision Repair in Primary Human Mammary and Ovarian Epithelial Cell Cultures, Jean Johanna Latimer, Jennifer M. Johnson, Tiffany D. Miles, Jason M. Dimsdale, Robert P. Edwards, James L. Kelley, and Stephen G. Grant

RNA interference shows interactions between mouse brainstem angiotensin AT1 receptors and angiotensin-converting enzyme 2., Z Lin, Y Chen, W Zhang, A F. Chen, S Lin, and Mariana Morris

Evidence-Based Rehabilitation: A Guide to Practice, Jennie Q. Lou

Open Access publishing: a model lacking in pharmacy journals, Jennie Q. Lou


The Challenges and Opportunities of Managing Diabetes in Long-Term Care, Richard A. Marasco, Luis F. Samos, and Naushira Pandya

Topographical analysis of the optic nerve in migraine sufferers, T. D. Moehnke, J. Sowka, J. Shallo-Hoffmann, Patrick C. Hardigan, and A. D. Woods

Salt craving: the psychobiology of pathogenic sodium intake., Mariana Morris, E S. Na, and A K. Johnson


Replication in a superficial epithelial cell niche explains the lack of pathogenicity of primate foamy virus infections., Shannon Marie Murray, Louis J Picker, Michael K Axthelm, Kelly Hudkins, Charles E Alpers, and Maxine L Linial

Written emotional disclosure and processing of trauma are associated with protected health status and immunity in people living with HIV/AIDS., C O'Cleirigh, G Ironson, Mary A. Fletcher, and N Schneiderman

Citalopram versus risperidone for behavioral problems in dementia., Raymond L. Ownby

Effectiveness of donepezil in clinical practice., Raymond L. Ownby

Problem-solving therapy to prevent depression., Raymond L. Ownby

Patterns of depression in Spanish- and English-speaking patients with Alzheimer's disease., Raymond L. Ownby, A Acevedo, D G. Harwood, W W. Barker, and R Duara


Patterns of Depression in Spanish and English Speaking Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Raymond L. Ownby, Amarilis Acevedo, Dylan G. Harwood, Warren Barker, and Ranjan Duara


Cognitive abilities that predict success in a computer-based training program., Raymond L. Ownby, Sara J. Czaja, David A. Loewenstein, and Mark Rubert

Vitamin C-lipid metabolites: uptake and retention and effect on plasma C-reactive protein and oxidized LDL levels in healthy volunteers., D Pancorbo, C Vazquez, and Mary A. Fletcher

Study of anemia in long-term care (SALT): prevalence of anemia and its relationship with the risk of falls in nursing home residents., Naushira Pandya, B Bookhart, S H. Mody, P A. Funk Orsini, and G Reardon

Physical examination and magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of superior labrum anterior-posterior lesions of the shoulder: a sensitivity analysis., Naushira Pandya, A Colton, D Webner, B Sennett, and G R. Huffman

Case reports: pediatric PCL insufficiency from tibial insertion osteochondral avulsions., Naushira Pandya, L Janik, G Chan, and L Wells

The prevalence and persistence of sliding scale insulin use among newly admitted elderly nursing home residents with diabetes mellitus., Naushira Pandya, S Thompson, and U Sambamoorthi

Patellar tendon rupture as a manifestation of Lyme disease., Naushira Pandya, M Zgonis, J Ahn, and C Israelite


Uncharted Waters: Guidelines for Working with Recent Immigrant Families, Anne Hearon Rambo, Fanya Monnay, Natalie A. Bello, and Liisa Palmer


Long term exposure effect of a unique metabolic nutrition system containing a diverse group of phytochemicals on serum chemistry and genomic and non-genomic changes in the liver of female B6C3F1 mice, Sidhartha D. Ray, Mayur Parmar, Ismail Syed, Jasmine Rathod, Daniel Zinkovsky, Elida Bulku, Joseph Gigliotti, Robert M. Hackman, and Sidney J. Stohs

Research cited under my name in ContemporaryAuthors, Janet L. Roseman

Florida's Experience with Medicaid Reform, Samuel K. Snyder

Update in CKD, Samuel K. Snyder and Danielle Thomas

(Z)-1,1-Dichloro-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-3-phenylcyclopropane Induces Concentration-dependent Growth Inhibition, Apoptosis, and Coordinates Regulation of Apoptotic Genes in TRAMP Cells, Cathy A. Thomas, Stephen G. Grant, Beth R. Pflug, Robert H. Getzenberg, and Billy W. Day

Retrospective Study of Cranial Strain Pattern Prevalence in a Healthy Population, Elena M. Timoshkin and Mark Sandhouse

Evidence for T-helper 2 shift and association with illness parameters in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)., S Torres-Harding, M Sorenson, L A. Jason, K Maher, and Mary A. Fletcher

The associations between basal salivary cortisol and illness symptomatology in chronic fatigue syndrome., S Torres-Harding, M Sorenson, L A. Jason, K Maher, Mary A. Fletcher, N Reynolds, and M Brown


Eye on Diabetes: A Multidisciplinary Patient Education Intervention., Heidi Wagner, Joseph J Pizzimenti, Karen Daniel, Naushira Pandya, and Patrick C Hardigan

Eyes on Diabetes: A multidisciplinary patient education intervention, H. Wagner, J. J. Pizzimenti, K. Daniel, N. Pandya, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Predictors of Unprotected Sex among Young Sexually Active African American Hispanic, and White MSM: The Importance of Ethnicity and CUlture, Jacob C. Warren, Maria I. Fernandez, Gary W. Harper, Marco A. Hidalgo, Omar B. Jamil, and Rodrigo Sebastian Torres


A tribute to the life and accomplishments of Birdwell Finlayson., Lawrence L Yeung, Johannes Vieweg, Saeed R Khan, Robert C Newman, and Philipp Dahm

A method to minimize complications in endodontic access cavity preparation, R. Zelikow, G. Cozzarelli-Moldauer, S. Keiner, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Submissions from 2007

Reduction in pediatric invasive pneumococcal disease in the Basque Country and Navarre, Spain, after introduction of the heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine., J Aristegui, E Bernaola, I Pocheville, C García, L Arranz, G Durán, L Pérez, M Bastida, C Canduela, M Herranz Aguirre, E Garrote, Mary A. Fletcher, and C Pérez

Laser scanning confocal opthalmoscopy and polarimetry of human immunodeficiency virus patients without retinopathy under retroviral therapy, E. Besada, D. Schectman, G. Black, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Prevalence and distribution of fecal indicator organisms in South Florida beach sand and preliminary assessment of health effects associated with beach sand exposure., T D. Bonilla, K Nowosielski, M Cuvelier, A Hartz, M Green, N Esiobu, D S. McCorquodale, Jay M. Fleisher, and A Rogerson


Editorial: Reflections, Goals, and Words of Thanks, Ronald J. Chenail


Editor’s Annual Report, Ronald J. Chenail and Kimberly Cronin

Relationship between renal and cardiovascular changes in a murine model of glucose intolerance., T S. Cunha, V Farah, J Paulini, M Pazzine, K M. Elased, F K. Marcondes, M Cláudia Irigoyen, K De Angelis, L D. Mirkin, and Mariana Morris

Diurnal behavioral and endocrine effects of chronic shaker stress in mice., M Dubovicky, M Mach, M Key, Mariana Morris, S Paton, and J B. Lucot

Effects of combined exposure to pyridostigmine bromide and shaker stress on acoustic startle response, pre-pulse inhibition and open field behavior in mice., M Dubovicky, S Paton, Mariana Morris, M Mach, and J B. Lucot

Genetic and dietary interactions: role of angiotensin AT1a receptors in response to a high-fructose diet., V Farah, K M. Elased, and Mariana Morris

Crystal methamphetamine: A source of added sexual risk for Hispanic men who have sex with men?, Maria I. Fernandez, G Stephen Bowen, Jacob C. Warren, Gladys E. Ibanez, Nilda Hernandez, Gary W. Harper, and Guillermo Prado

Cruising in Cyber Space: Comparing Internet Chat Room versus Community Venues for Recruiting Hispanic men Who Have Sex with Men to Participate in Prevention Studies, Maria I. Fernandez, Jacob C. Warren, Leah M. Varga, Guillermo Prado, Nilda Hernandez, and G Stephen Bowen


Case Study: Finding Flow - Embracing Your Worst Can Bring Out Your Best, Douglas G. Flemons

Hypnosis, Indifferentiation, and Therapeutic Change, Douglas G. Flemons

Brief review of the clinical effectiveness of PREVENAR against otitis media., Mary A. Fletcher and B Fritzell

Cytotoxic Lymphocytes, Mary A. Fletcher and Nancy G. Klimas

Preventing alcohol-exposed pregnancies: a randomized controlled trial, R. L. Floyd, M. Sobell, M. M. Velasquez, K. Ingersoll, M. Nettleman, L. Sobell, P. D. Mullen, S. Ceperich, K. von Sternberg, B. Bolton, K. E. Johnson, B. Sharpness, and J. Nagaraja

Predictors of CD4 count change over 8 months of follow up in HIV-1-infected patients with a CD4 count>or=300 cells/microL who were assigned to 7.5 MIU interleukin-2, Z. Fox, F. Antunes, R. Davey, B. Gazzard, Nancy G. Klimas, A. Labriola, M. Losso, J. D. Neaton, A. N. Phillips, K. Ruxrungtham, S. Staszewski, L. Weiss, and J. D. Lundgren

Elevated Levels of Somatic Mutation in a Manifesting BRCA1 Mutation Carrier, Stephen G. Grant, Rubina Das, Christine M. Cerceo, Wendy S. Rubinstein, and Jean Johanna Latimer

Direct Interaction between USF and SREBP-1c Mediates Synergistic Activation of the Fatty-Acid Synthase Promoter, M J. Griffin, R H. Wong, Naushira Pandya, and H S. Sul


Neuropsychological deficits in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 clade C-seropositive adults from South India., Jayashree Das Gupta, P Satishchandra, Kumarpillai Gopukumar, Frances Wilkie, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Ronald Ellis, Raymond L. Ownby, D K. Subbakrishna, Anita Desai, Anupa Kamat, V Ravi, B S. Rao, K S. Satish, and Mahendra Kumar

Hypertension caused by transgenic overexpression of Rac1., H H. Hassanain, D Gregg, M L. Marcelo, J L. Zweier, H P. Souza, B Selvakumar, Q Ma, M Moustafa-Bayoumi, P F. Binkley, N A. Flavahan, Mariana Morris, C Dong, and P J. Goldschmidt-Clermont

Indirect effects associated with widespread vaccination of infants with heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7; Prevnar)., D J. Isaacman, Mary A. Fletcher, B Fritzell, V Ciuryla, and J Schranz


Sensitive assays for simian foamy viruses reveal a high prevalence of infection in commensal, free-ranging Asian monkeys., Lisa Jones-Engel, Katherine A Steinkraus, Shannon Marie Murray, Gregory A Engel, Richard Grant, Nantiya Aggimarangsee, Benjamin P Y-H Lee, Cynthia May, Michael A Schillaci, Chaleamchat Somgird, Tulyawat Sutthipat, Lucia Vojtech, JianYuan Zhao, and Maxine L Linial

Fatigue: case definition and guidelines for collection, analysis, and presentation of immunization safety data., J F. Jones, K S. Kohl, N Ahmadipour, G Bleijenberg, D Buchwald, B Evengard, L A. Jason, Nancy G. Klimas, A Lloyd, K McCleary, J M. Oleske, and P D. White

Brighton Collaboration Fatigue Working Group.Fatigue: case definition and guidelines for collection, analysis, and presentation of immunization safety data, J. F. Jones, K. S. Kohl, N. Ahmadipour, G. Bleijenberg, D. Buchwald, B. Evengard, L. A. Jason, Nancy G. Klimas, A. Lloyd, K. McCleary, J. M. Oleske, and P. D. White