Faculty Articles

Faculty Articles

A selection of scholarly articles from the faculty of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2010

Mental health in HIV seronegative and seropositive IDUs in South Florida., Deborah L. Jones, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Peggy Gonzalez, Alison Mack, Adarsh M. Kumar, Raymond L. Ownby, Stephen M. Weiss, and Mahendra Kumar

Perceptions of students about younger and older men and women who may be homeless, M.N. Kane, D. Green, and Robin J. Jacobs

Predictors of the importance of spiritual and religious beliefs among university students, M.N. Kane and Robin J. Jacobs

Influence of chirality using Mn(III) salen complexes on DNA binding and antioxidant activity., N U. Khan, Naushira Pandya, M Kumar, P K. Bera, R I. Kureshy, S H. Abdi, and H C. Bajaj

Disparities in psychological, neuroendocrine, and immunologic patterns in asymptomatic HIV-1 seropositive and seronegative gay men, Nancy G. Klimas, Gordon Broderick, J. Fuite, A. Kreitz, S. D. Vernon, and Mary A. Fletcher

Commentary on the globalization of osteopathic medicine, Andrew M. Kusienski and Yasmin Frank Qureshi

Nucleotide Excision Repair Deficiency is Intrinsic in Sporadic Stage I Breast Cancer, Jean J. Latimer, Jennifer M. Johnson, Crystal M. Kelly, Tiffany D. Miles, Kelly A. Beaudry-Rodgers, Nancy A. Lalanne, Victor G. Vogel, Amal Kanbour-Shakir, Joseph L. Kelley, Ronald R. Johnson, and Stephen G. Grant

More Than Just Muscles, Heather C. McCarthy

Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism prevents hedonic deficits induced by a chronic sodium appetite., Mariana Morris, E S. Na, and A K. Johnson


Reduction of immune activation with chloroquine therapy during chronic HIV infection., Shannon Marie Murray, Carrie M Down, David R Boulware, William M Stauffer, Winston P Cavert, Timothy W Schacker, Jason M Brenchley, and Daniel C Douek

Adenoviral inhibition of AT1a receptors in the paraventricular nucleus inhibits acute increases in mean arterial blood pressure in the rat., C A. Northcott, S Watts, Y Chen, Mariana Morris, A Chen, and J R. Haywood

Neuroinflammation and cognitive aging., Raymond L. Ownby


New approaches in the treatment of short term and middle of the night insomnia: emerging evidence for a role for sublingual zolpidem tablets., Raymond L. Ownby

Depression care and prevalence in HIV-positive individuals, Raymond L. Ownby, R J. Jacobs, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, and F Gould

Depression, care, and prevalence in HIV-positive individuals., Raymond L. Ownby, Robin J. Jacobs, D. Waldrop-Valverde, and F. Gould

Caregiver reports of sleep problems in non-Hispanic white, Hispanic, and African American patients with Alzheimer dementia., Raymond L. Ownby, M Saeed, W Wohlgemuth, R Capasso, A Acevedo, G Peruyera, and S Sevush

Humerus fractures in the pediatric population: an algorithm to identify abuse., Naushira Pandya, K D. Baldwin, H Wolfgruber, D S. Drummond, and H S. Hosalkar

Managing diabetes in long-term care facilities: benefits of switching from human insulin to insulin analogs., Naushira Pandya and E Nathanson

La Caja de Pandora: Improving Access to Hospice Care Among Hispanic and African American Patients, Alina M. Perez and Kathy L. Cerminara

Aging, Driving and Public Health: A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Approach, Alina M. Perez and Bruce J. Winick

A Comparison of Immune Functionality in Viral versus Non-Viral CFS Subtypes., N Porter, A Lerch, L A. Jason, M Sorenson, Mary A. Fletcher, and J Herrington

Developing a common language for using social marketing: an analysis of Public Health literature., G P. Quinn, J Ellery, K B. Thomas, and R Marshall


Hope and Expectancy in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Michael D. Reiter


Solution-Focused Marathon Sessions, Michael D. Reiter

Linear assembly of gold nanoparticle clusters via centrifugation., M Roca, Naushira Pandya, S Nath, and A J. Haes

Spontaneous network events driven by depolarizing GABA action in neonatal hippocampal slices are not attributable to deficient mitochondrial energy metabolism., E Ruusuvuori, I Kirilkin, Naushira Pandya, and K Kaila

Permanently Blocked Stem Cells Derived from Breast Cancer Cell Lines, Gangadharan B. Sajithlal, Kristi Rothermund, Fang Zhang, David J. Dabbs, Jean J. Latimer, Stephen G. Grant, and Edward V. Prochownik

Effect of osteopathy in the Cranial Field on Visual Function--A pilot study, M. E. Sandhouse, D. Schectman, R. Sorkin, J. L. Drowos, A. J. Caban-Martinez, M. M. Patterson, J. Shallo-Hoffmann, Patrick C. Hardigan, and A. Snyder

Cardiovascular interactions between losartan and fructose in mice., D Senador, M Key, K B. Brosnihan, M C. Irigoyen, K M. Elased, and Mariana Morris

Evaluation of conventional and alternative monitoring methods for a recreational marine beach with nonpoint source of fecal contamination., T Shibata, H M. Solo-Gabriele, C D. Sinigalliano, M L. Gidley, L R. Plano, Jay M. Fleisher, J D. Wang, S M. Elmir, G He, M E. Wright, Jay M. Fleisher, C Ortega, D Wanless, A C. Garza, J Kish, T Scott, J Hollenbeck, Mary A. Fletcher, and L E. Fleming


Continuity of Care Document (CCD) Enables Delivery of Medication Histories to the Primary Care Clinician., Linas Simonaitis, Anne Belsito, Gary D. Cravens, Changyu Shen, and J Marc Overhage

Traditional and molecular analyses for fecal indicator bacteria in non-point source subtropical recreational marine waters., C D. Sinigalliano, Jay M. Fleisher, M L. Gidley, H M. Solo-Gabriele, T Shibata, L R. Plano, S M. Elmir, D Wanless, J Bartkowiak, R Boiteau, K Withum, A M. Abdelzaher, G He, C Ortega, X Zhu, M E. Wright, J Kish, J Hollenbeck, T Scott, L C. Backer, and L E. Fleming


Traditional and molecular analyses for fecal indicator bacteria in non-point source subtropical recreational marine waters., Christopher D Sinigalliano, Jay M Fleisher, Maribeth L Gidley, Helena M Solo-Gabriele, Tomoyuki Shibata, Lisa R W Plano, Samir M Elmir, David Wanless, Jakub Bartkowiak, Rene Boiteau, Kelly Withum, Amir M Abdelzaher, Guoqing He, Cristina Ortega, Xiaofang Zhu, Mary E Wright, Jonathan Kish, Julie Hollenbeck, Troy Scott, Lorraine C Backer, and Lora E Fleming


How Master’s Students Document Stability and Change within and Across Progress Notes, Cynthia V. Somers, Joy D. Benjamin, and Ronald J. Chenail

Is social support from family associated with PSA testing? An exploratory analysis using the Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) 2005., K B. Thomas, Stanley L. Simpson, W L. Tarver, and C K. Gwede


Neurocognition, health-related reading literacy, and numeracy in medication management for HIV infection., Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Deborah Lynne Jones, Felicia Gould, Mahendra Kumar, and Raymond L. Ownby


Education effects on the International HIV Dementia Scale., Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Ritu Nehra, Sunil Sharma, Ashima Malik, Deborah Jones, Adarsh M. Kumar, Raymond L. Ownby, Ajay Wanchu, Steve Weiss, Sudesh Prabhakar, and Mahendra Kumar

Negotiating Dominant Masculinity Ideology: Strategies Used by Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Male Adolescents, Bianca D.M. Wilson, Gary W. Harper, Marco A. Hidalgo, Omar B. Jamil, Rodrigo Sebastian Torres, and Maria I. Fernandez

Submissions from 2009

Should my new curing light be an LED, S. A. Antonson, D. E. Antonson, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Transgenic inhibition of astroglial NF-kappa B improves functional outcome in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by suppressing chronic central nervous system inflammation., R Brambilla, T Persaud, X Hu, S Karmally, V I. Shestopalov, G Dvoriantchikova, D Ivanov, Lubov Nathanson, S R. Barnum, and J R. Bethea


Communicating Your Qualitative Research Better, Ronald J. Chenail


Learning Marriage and Family Therapy in the Time of Competencies, Ronald J. Chenail


Editor’s Annual Report, Ronald J. Chenail and Kimberly Cronin


A Recursive Frame Qualitative Analysis of MFT Progress Note Tipping Points, Ronald J. Chenail, Cynthia V. Somers, and Joy D. Benjamin

Enhanced Medication History Project (EMHP): Medication Categories in Pharmacy Dispensing Histories Delivered to Ambulatory Clinics, Gary Dean Cravens, L. Simonaitis, and J. M. Overhage

Trends in disparities in receipt of adjuvant therapy for elderly stage III colon cancer patients: the role of the medical oncologist evaluation., A J. Davidoff, T Rapp, E Onukwugha, I H. Zuckerman, N Hanna, Naushira Pandya, and C D. Mullins

Diabetes and cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction: application of animal models., K De Angelis, M C. Irigoyen, and Mariana Morris


Knowledge Sharing Using Codification and Collaboration Technologies to Improve Health Care: Lessons from the Public Sector, B. E. Dixon, J. J. McGowan, and Gary Dean Cravens

Depressive symptoms and cervical neoplasia in HIV+ low-income minority women with human papillomavirus infection., S M. Dodd, D B. Pereira, I Marion, M H. Antoni, R Rose, T Simon, Mary A. Fletcher, J Lucci, K Maher, M J. O'Sullivan, J Efantis-Potter, and M H. Antoni


Values in Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Maureen Duffy and Ronald J. Chenail

A Quick Drinking Screen for Identifying Women at Risk for an Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy, M. Dum, L. C. Sobelll, M. B. Sobell, N. Heinecke, A. Valuse, and K. E. Johnson

Influence of Technology on Medical Edcation, Marti Echols, Heidi Lane, Heather C. McCarthy, Carmen Hernandez, Evelyn Walker, Elizabeth O. Oviawe, and Marysel Sierra

Sabana Perdida Medical Mission Trip, Rogerio Faillace

Swine Flu, Rogerio F. Faillace

Men's serostatus disclosure to parents: associations among social support, ethnicity, and disease status in men living with HIV., E M. Fekete, M H. Antoni, C R. Lopez, R E. Durán, F J. Penedo, F C. Bandiera, Mary A. Fletcher, Nancy G. Klimas, Mahendra Kumar, and N Schneiderman


Taking a Quality Assurance Program From Paper to Electronic Health Records: One Dental School’s Experience, Phyllis Filker, Erin Joy Muckey, Steven M. Kelner, and Jodi Kodish-Stav

More severe pneumococcal pneumonia in hospitalized Uruguayan children., Mary A. Fletcher

Plasma cytokines in women with chronic fatigue syndrome., Mary A. Fletcher, Xiao R. Zeng, Z Barnes, S Levis, and Nancy G. Klimas

Melatonin and Breast Cancer: A Review of Clinical Studies, Cellular Mechanisms and Future Perspectives, Stephen G. Grant, Melanie A. Melan, Jean J. Latimer, and Paula A. Witt-Enderby

Wrote Foreword in: Practical Tips in Finding the Evidence, An Allied Health Primer, Karen Grimmer-Somers, Saravana Kumar, Anthea Worley, Guy Martin Nehrenz, and Alexandra Young


Growing the New American Economy: Public-private partnerships for the development of Transit Greenways, Tom Gustafson, Mike Langston, Al Hadeed, Steve Sauls, Jorge Dominicis, Irv Minney, Fausto Gomez, Ramon Trias, Doug Coolman, Bob Tuthill, Mike Srkal, Katherine Beck, George Brenyo, Irving Rosenbaum, Jack Pinkowski, Richard Dodge, Bill Sulzbacher, Chris Brown, Jeff Weil, Don Mizell, Jack Gillig, Slade O'brien, Mickie Leonard, George LeMieux, Mike Haygood, and Richard Freiberg


Case report: subarachnoid hemorrhage in woman with migraines., George Guthrie and Kenya Rivas

An Application of Latent Class Analysis in the Measurement of Falling Among a Community Elderly Population, Patrick C. Hardigan

Continuing medical education and the physician: Familiarity with the most common misdiagnoses, Marlow B. Hernandez, Chad L. McDonald, Yana Gofman, Robinson Trevil, Natasha Bray, Robert Hasty, Nitin A. Wadwa, Jorge Cabrera, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Chronic fatigue syndrome: illness severity, sedentary lifestyle, blood volume and evidence of diminished cardiac function, B. E. Hurwitz, V. T. Coryell, M. Parker, P. Martin, A. LaPerriere, Nancy G. Klimas, G. N. Sfakianakis, and M. S. Bilsker

Theory-based policy development for HIV prevention in racial/ethnic minority midlife and older women, Robin J. Jacobs and M N. Kane

Self-silencing and age as risk factors for sexually acquired HIV in midlife and older women, Robin J. Jacobs and B Thomlison

Sexual and Ethnic Identity Development Among Gay-Bisexual-Questioning (GBQ) Male Ethnic Minority Adolescents, Omar B. Jamil, Gary W. Harper, and Maria I. Fernandez

Synthesis, characterization, DNA binding and cleavage studies of chiral Ru(II) salen complexes., N U. Khan, Naushira Pandya, R I. Kureshy, S H. Abdi, S Agrawal, H C. Bajaj, J Pandya, and A Gupte

Thermal Safety of Er:YAG and Er,Cr:YSGG Lasers in Hard Tissue Removal, E. Kilinc, D. M. Roshkind, S. A. Antonson, D. E. Antonson, Patrick C. Hardigan, S. C. Siegel, and J. W. Thomas

Collaborators Interruption of antiretroviral therapy is associated with increased plasma cystatin, Nancy G. Klimas, A. Mocroff, C. Wyatt, L. Szczech, J. Neuhaus, W. El-Sadr, R. Tracy, L. Kuller, M. Shlipak, B. Angus, H. Klinker, M. Ross, and INSIGHT Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group

Activation and coagulation biomarkers are independent predictors of the development of opportunistic disease in patients with HIV infection, Nancy G. Klimas, A. J. Rodger, Z. Fox, J. D. Lundgren, L. H. Kuller, C. Boesecke, D. Gey, A. Skoutelis, M. B. Goetz, A. N. Phillips, and INSIGHT Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group


Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in the central nervous system leads to decreased dopamine in different regions of postmortem human brains., Adarsh M. Kumar, J B. Fernandez, Elyse J. Singer, Deborah Commins, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Raymond L. Ownby, and Mahendra Kumar

Correlates of Heterosexual Anal Intercourse Among At Risk Adolescents and Young Adults, Celia M. Lescano, Christopher D. Houck, Larry K. Brown, Glenn Doherty, Ralph J. DiClemente, Maria I. Fernandez, Davie Pugatch, William E. Schlenger, and Barbara Silver


The Utility of a Brief Memory Screen in the Diagnosis of Mild Memory Impairment in the Elderly: A Preliminary Study, David A. Loewenstein, Amarilis Acevedo, Joscelyn Agron, Raymond L. Ownby, Warren Barker, Sylvia Strauman, and Ranjan Duara

Evaluation of nursing-specific drug information PDA databases used as clinical decision support., Jennie Q. Lou

Occupational Therapy in the Age of the Human Genome: Occpational Therapists' Role in Genetics Research and its Impact on Clinical Practice., Jennie Q. Lou

Use of BCG Vaccine in the United States., Jennie Q. Lou

Working with Cognitive Difficulties - Publication with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Jennie Q. Lou

Distress, sleep difficulty, and fatigue in women co-infected with HIV and HPV., I Marion, M H. Antoni, D Pereira, W Wohlgemuth, Mary A. Fletcher, T Simon, and M J. O'Sullivan

Interruption of antiretroviral therapy is associated with increased plasma cystatin C., A Mocroft, C Wyatt, L Szczech, J Neuhaus, W El-Sadr, R Tracy, L Kuller, M Shlipak, B Angus, H Klinker, M Ross, and Nancy G. Klimas

Behavioral cross-sensitization between morphine-induced locomotion and sodium depletion-induced salt appetite., E S. Na, Mariana Morris, and A K. Johnson

Activities for behavioral problems in patients with dementia., Raymond L. Ownby

A multinational trial of counseling for Alzheimer's disease caregivers., Raymond L. Ownby

Aripiprazole for psychosis and agitation in Alzheimer's dementia., Raymond L. Ownby

Effects of stopping antipsychotics in nursing home patients with dementia., Raymond L. Ownby

Zolpidem extended release for insomnia in older adults., Raymond L. Ownby


Tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels in HIV-1 seropositive injecting drug users., Raymond L. Ownby, Adarsh M. Kumar, J Benny Fernandez, Irina Moleon-Borodowsky, Louis Gonzalez, Seth Eisdorfer, and Mahendra Kumar

The Obesity Epidemic: Are Minority Individuals Equally Affected?, Calzadz Pablo and Paula L. Anderson-Worts

Child abuse and orthopaedic injury patterns: analysis at a level I pediatric trauma center., Naushira Pandya, K Baldwin, H Wolfgruber, C W. Christian, D S. Drummond, and H S. Hosalkar

Correction of Blount's disease by a multi-axial external fixation system., Naushira Pandya, S E. Clarke, J J. McCarthy, B D. Horn, and H S. Hosalkar

Torticollis with tonsillitis. Is imaging necessary?, Naushira Pandya, R Jayalakshmi, E Daykin, and G Worley

Evaluation of educational materials from a social marketing campaign to promote folic acid use among Hispanic women: insight from Cuban and Puerto Rican ethnic subgroups., G P. Quinn, K B. Thomas, K Hauser, N Y. Rodríguez, and N Rodriguez-Snapp

What Can The Therapeutic Interviewer Learn From The Qualitative Interviewer?, Michael D. Reiter


Exploration of Intimacy in Intercultural and Intracultural Romantic Relationships in College Students, Michael D. Reiter, Katherine Richmond, Amber Stirlen, and Natalia Kompel

Emergent Hospital Procedures for Residents, Mark Sandhouse

Statistical modeling of turnover intention among practicing pharmacists in Florida: A probit analysis, N. Sangasubana and Patrick C. Hardigan

Cardiovascular and autonomic phenotype of db/db diabetic mice., D Senador, K Kanakamedala, M C. Irigoyen, Mariana Morris, and K M. Elased

ROS-Mediated Oxidative Stress Influence Anti-Apoptotic Genes and Cyt c Release in Hyperglycemic Mouse Kidneys to Initiate Late Nephropathic Complications, Krina Shah, Mayur S. Parmar, and Sidhartha D. Ray