Faculty Articles

Faculty Articles

A selection of scholarly articles from the faculty of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2011

Development of an easy to use tool to assess HIV treatment readiness in adolescent clinical care settings, Maria I. Fernandez, Sybil Hosek, Jacob C. Warren, Robin J. Jacobs, Nilda Hernandez, and Jaime Martinez

Daily measures of microbes and human health at a non-point source marine beach., Jay M. Fleisher, M E. Wright, C Ortega, A R. Hasan, T Shibata, H M. Solo-Gabriele, J Kish, K Withum, G He, S M. Elmir, J A. Bonilla, T D. Bonilla, C J. Palmer, T M. Scott, J Lukasik, V J. Harwood, S McQuaig, C D. Sinigalliano, M L. Gidley, D Wanless, L R. Plano, A C. Garza, X Zhu, J R. Stewart, J W. Dickerson, H Yampara-Iquise, C Carson, Jay M. Fleisher, and L E. Fleming

Periorbital cellulits--a mistaken diagnosis!, J Fozard, Naushira Pandya, A Pulikot, D Fish, R Malhotra, and D Lake

Pneumococcal polysaccharide-protein CRM197 conjugate vaccines, 7- or 9-valent, in the 2 + 1 schedule., B Fritzell and Mary A. Fletcher


Power or Pattern? A Brief, Relational Approach, Shelley K. Green

Perceptions of colorectal cancer among three ethnic subgroups of US blacks: a qualitative study., C K. Gwede, E Jean-Francois, G P. Quinn, S Wilson, W L. Tarver, K B. Thomas, S T. Vadaparampil, and C D. Meade

Management of suppurative cervical lymphadenitis in a healthy 24 year-old male, Marlow Hernandez, Rayhanur Chowdhury, John Woods, Jorge Cabrera, and Patrick C. Hardigan

The Alcohol Perception (AP) Project: A Study of the Perceptions of Adolescents toward Alcohol, Marlow Hernandez, Shawna DeGraff, Alina M. Perez, Gabriel P. Suciu, Kelli Burton, and Jon Dodds

What's new in orthopaedic rehabilitation., H Hosalkar, Naushira Pandya, J Hsu, and M A. Keenan

Intramedullary nailing of pediatric femoral shaft fracture., H S. Hosalkar, Naushira Pandya, R H. Cho, D A. Glaser, M A. Moor, and M J. Herman

Regional and temporal differences in gene expression of LH(BETA)T(AG) retinoblastoma tumors., S K. Houston, Y Pina, J Clarke, T Koru-Sengul, W K. Scott, Lubov Nathanson, A C. Schefler, and T G. Murray

Comparative effectiveness of different chemotherapeutic regimens on survival of people aged 66 and older with stage III colon cancer: a "real world" analysis using Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results-Medicare data., F Y. Hsiao, C D. Mullins, E Onukwugha, Naushira Pandya, and N Hanna

Increased prevalence of false positive hemoglobinopathy newborn screening in premature infants., T Hustace, Jay M. Fleisher, A M. Sanchez Varela, A Podda, and Jay M. Fleisher

View of God as benevolent and forgiving or punishing and judgmental predicts HIV disease progression., G Ironson, R Stuetzle, D Ironson, E Balbin, H Kremer, A George, N Schneiderman, and Mary A. Fletcher

Psychosocial predictors of self-esteem in a multiethnic sample of women over 50 at risk for HIV., Robin J. Jacobs and M N. Kane

Perceptions of intimate partner violence, age, and self-enhancement bias, M N. Kane, D Green, and Robin J. Jacobs

Pastoral care professionals in health and mental health care: recognizing classic and newer versions of ageism, M N. Kane, D L. Green, and Robin J. Jacobs

Influence of chirality of V(V) Schiff base complexes on DNA, BSA binding and cleavage activity., N U. Khan, Naushira Pandya, Maity NCh, M Kumar, R M. Patel, R I. Kureshy, S H. Abdi, S Mishra, S Das, and H C. Bajaj

Chiral discrimination asserted by enantiomers of Ni (II), Cu (II) and Zn (II) Schiff base complexes in DNA binding, antioxidant and antibacterial activities., N U. Khan, Naushira Pandya, K J. Prathap, R I. Kureshy, S H. Abdi, S Mishra, and H C. Bajaj

Resin cement clor stability and its influence on the final shade of all-ceramics, E. Kilinc, S. A. Antonson, Patrick C. Hardigan, and A. Kesercioglu

The Effect of Ceramic Restoration Shade and Thickness on the Polymerization of Light and Dual-cure Resin Cements, E. Kilinc, S. A. Antonson, Patrick C. Hardigan, and A. Kesercioglu

Results of antiretroviral treatment interruption and intensification in advanced multi-drug resistant HIV infection from the OPTIMA trial, Nancy G. Klimas, M. Holodniy, S. T. Brown, D. W. Cameron, T. C. Kyriakides, B. Angus, A. Babiker, J. Singer, D. K. Owens, A. Anis, R. Goodall, F. Hudson, M. Piaseczny, J. Russo, M. Schenchter, L. Deyton, and J. Darbyshire

Predictors of bacterial pneumonia in Evaluation of Subcutaneous Interleukin-2 in a Randomized International Trial (ESPRIT), Nancy G. Klimas, S. L. Pett, C. Carey, E. Lin, D. Wentworth, J. Lazovski, J. M. Miro, F. Gordin, B. Angus, M. Rodriguez-Barradas, R. Rubio, G. Tambussi, D. A. Cooper, and S. Emery


Human immunodeficiency virus infection in the CNS and decreased dopamine availability: relationship with neuropsychological performance., Adarsh M. Kumar, Raymond L. Ownby, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Benny Fernandez, and Mahendra Kumar

A pilot study of cognitive behavioral stress management effects on stress, quality of life, and symptoms in persons with chronic fatigue syndrome., C Lopez, M H. Antoni, F Penedo, D Weiss, S Cruess, M C. Segotas, L Helder, S Siegel, Nancy G. Klimas, and Mary A. Fletcher

NSU-COM 4th Year OPP Online Modules, Heather C. McCarthy

Can Laypersons be Trained to Effectively Deliver Osteopathic Manual Therapy to Patients With HIV? A Pilot Study, Mark A. Newberry, George S. Bowen, Kristina Trubey, and Maria I. Fernandez

Proximal humerus fractures in the pediatric population: a systematic review., S Pahlavan, K D. Baldwin, Naushira Pandya, S Namdari, and H Hosalkar

Unexplained fractures: child abuse or bone disease? A systematic review., Naushira Pandya, K Baldwin, A F. Kamath, D R. Wenger, and H S. Hosalkar

The incidence of compartment syndrome after flexible nailing of pediatric tibial shaft fractures., Naushira Pandya, E W. Edmonds, and S J. Mubarak

Preparation and in vitro Characterization of Porous Carrier-Based Glipizide Floating Microspheres for Gastric Delivery., Naushira Pandya, M Pandya, and V H. Bhaskar

Synthesis of some novel benzofuran-2-yl(4,5-dihyro-3,5-substituted diphenylpyrazol-1-yl) methanones and studies on the antiproliferative effects and reversal of multidrug resistance of human MDR1-gene transfected mouse lymphoma cells in vitro., S Parekh, D Bhavsar, M Savant, S Thakrar, A Bavishi, M Parmar, H Vala, A Radadiya, Naushira Pandya, J Serly, J Molnár, and A Shah

Factors Associated With Favorable Attitudes Toward End-of-Life Planning, H Ruff, Robin J. Jacobs, Maria I. Fernandez, George Stephen Bowen, and H Gerber

Perceptions about bridge programs for PAs, Stephen Saldutti, Jeff Alexander, Guy Martin Nehrenz, and C Hernandez

Glossary of Osteopathic Terminology, Mark Sandhouse

Chemotherapy treatment and survival in older women with estrogen receptor-negative metastatic breast cancer: a population-based analysis., M Schneider, I H. Zuckerman, E Onukwugha, Naushira Pandya, B Seal, J Gardner, and C D. Mullins

This Issue, Daniel E. Shaw

Survey of tobacco control among Florida dentists, C. T. Succar, Patrick C. Hardigan, J. M. Fleisher, and J. H. Godel

Identification of Hydroxysteroid (17β) Dehydrogenase Type 12 (HSD17B12) as a CD8+ T-cell-defined Human Tumor Antigen of Human Carcinomas, Carmen Visus, Diasuke Ito, Rajiv Dhir, Miroslaw J. Szcezepanski, Yoo Jung Chang, Jean J. Latimer, Stephen G. Grant, and Albert B. DeLeo

Differential hematopoietic supportive potential and gene expression of stroma cell lines from midgestation mouse placenta and adult bone marrow., Y Wang, Lubov Nathanson, and I K. McNiece

A brief history of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease., D R. Wenger and Naushira Pandya

Advanced containment methods for the treatment of Perthes disease: Salter plus varus osteotomy and triple pelvic osteotomy., D R. Wenger and Naushira Pandya

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy significantly improves acute gastrointestinal toxicity in pancreatic and ampullary cancers., S Yovino, M Poppe, S Jabbour, V David, M Garofalo, Naushira Pandya, R Alexander, N Hanna, and W F. Regine

Submissions from 2010

Cultural Competence: Introduction to Ethnocultural Medicine, Paula L. Anderson-Worts

Chronic polyarthritis with diarrhoea, oedema and skin lesions., S Bansal, S Jindal, Naushira Pandya, K Pathak, and R Biswas


Assessing the acceptability of self-sampling for HPV among Haitian immigrant women: CBPR in action, L Barbee, E Kobetz, J Menard, Nicole Cook, Jessica Blanco, B Barton, P Auguste, and N McKenzie


A novel sphingosine kinase inhibitor induces autophagy in tumor cells., Vladimir Beljanski, Christian Knaak, and Charles D Smith

A formal analysis of cytokine networks in chronic fatigue syndrome., G Broderick, J Fuite, A Kreitz, S D. Vernon, Nancy G. Klimas, and Mary A. Fletcher

A Comparison of Two Educational Methods on Immigrant Latinas Breast Cancer Knowledge and Screening Behaviors, Jose Luis Calderon, Mohsen Bazargan, Niraratana Sangasubana, Ron Hays, Patrick C. Hardigan, and Richard S. Baker


Getting Specific about Qualitative Research Generalizability, Ronald J. Chenail


Editor’s Annual Report, Ronald J. Chenail and Kimberly Cronin

Role of Patient Race/ethnicity, insurance and age on Pap smear compliance across 10 Community Health Centers in Florida, Nicole J. Cook, Erin Kobets, Reis Islidinha, Fleming Laura, Loer-Martin Deborah, and St. Anthony Amofah


Role of Patient Race/ethnicity, insurance and age on Pap smear compliance across 10 Community Health Centers in Florida, Nicole Cook, E Kobetz, I Reis, Fleming Laura, Loer-Martin Deborah, and Saint Anthony Amofah

Professionalism, Marti Echols

World View of Health Care, Marti Echols

The BEACHES Study: health effects and exposures from non-point source microbial contaminants in subtropical recreational marine waters., Jay M. Fleisher, L E. Fleming, H M. Solo-Gabriele, J K. Kish, C D. Sinigalliano, L Plano, S M. Elmir, J D. Wang, K Withum, T Shibata, M L. Gidley, A Abdelzaher, G He, C Ortega, X Zhu, M Wright, J Hollenbeck, and L C. Backer


Fostering Solutions: Bringing Brief‐Therapy Principles and Practices to the Child Welfare System, Douglas G. Flemons, Michele Liscio, Arlene B. Gordon, James Hibel, Annette Gutierrez-Hersch, and Cynthia Rebholz

Plasma neuropeptide Y: a biomarker for symptom severity in chronic fatigue syndrome., Mary A. Fletcher, M Rosenthal, M H. Antoni, G Ironson, Xiao R. Zeng, Z Barnes, J M. Harvey, B Hurwitz, S Levis, G Broderick, and Nancy G. Klimas

Biomarkers in chronic fatigue syndrome: evaluation of natural killer cell function and dipeptidyl peptidase IV/CD26., Mary A. Fletcher, Xiao R. Zeng, K Maher, S Levis, B Hurwitz, M H. Antoni, G Broderick, and Nancy G. Klimas


Pharmacology and antitumor activity of ABC294640, a selective inhibitor of sphingosine kinase-2., Kevin J French, Yan Zhuang, Lynn W Maines, Peng Gao, Wenxue Wang, Vladimir Beljanski, John J Upson, Cecelia L Green, Staci N Keller, and Charles D Smith

Long-term Safety of Testosterone and Growth Hormone Supplementation: A Retrospective Study of Metabolic, Cardiovascular, and Oncologic Outcomes., E. Ginzburg, Nancy G. Klimas, C. Parvus, J. Life, R. Willix, M. J. Barber, A. Lin, and F. Comite

Survey of Attitudes and Practices of Osteopathic Primary Care Physicians Regarding Taking of Sexual Histories and HIV Screening, Preetam Gongidi, James J. Sierakowski, George Stephen Bowen, Robin J. Jacobs, and Maria I. Fernandez

Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Somatic Mutation in Newborns, Stephen G. Grant

Exploring disparities and variability in perceptions and self-reported colorectal cancer screening among three ethnic subgroups of U. S. Blacks., C K. Gwede, C M. William, K B. Thomas, W L. Tarver, G P. Quinn, S T. Vadaparampil, J Kim, J H. Lee, and C D. Meade

A latent class analysis of job satisfaction and turnover among practicing pharmacists, Patrick C. Hardigan and N. Sangasubana


Three Authors, One Client: A Qualitative Description of Marriage and Family Therapy Initial Case Documentation, Randy J. Heller, Lauryn S. Gilliam, Ronald J. Chenail, and Tyon L. Hall


Differences in perceived stress, depression, and medical symptoms among medical, nursing, and physician assistant students: a latent class analysis, Marlow B. Hernandez, Cyril Blavo, Patric C. Hardigan, Alina Perez, and Kathleen Hagen

Differences in perceived stress, depression, and medical symptoms among medical, nursing, and physician assistant students, Marlow B. Hernandez, Patrick C. Hardigan, Cyril Blavo, Alina M. Perez, and Kathleen Hage

Differences in Perceived Stress, Depression, and Medical Symptoms among Medical Nursing, and Physician Assistant Students: A Latent Class Analysis, Marlow Hernandez, Cyril Blavo, Patrick Hardigan, Alina M. Perez, and Kathleen Hagen

The Osteopathic Physician and End-of-life Care, Marlow Hernandez, Susan Ledbetter, Trevil Robinson, Alina M. Perez, and Candace White


The Osteopathic Physician and End of Life Care, Marlow Hernandez BS, Susan Ledbetter DO, Robinson Trevil BS, Alina M. Perez JD, and Candace White MS


Keeping Faith with Keeping Faith: Conversations About A Conversation with Michael White, James Hibel, Paul Gallant, Marcela Polanco, Michelle A. Manley, Corinne Scholtz, and Olivia Schlapfer-Colmer


Tuning the Ear: Listening in Narrative Therapy, James Hibel and Marcela Polanco

A Case of Peritonitis due to Rothia Mucilaginosa, Emin Hodzic and Samuel K. Snyder

Effective multi-level, multi-sector, school-based obesity prevention programming improves weight, blood pressure, and academic performance, especially among low-income, minority children., D Hollar, M Lombardo, G Lopez-Mitnik, Theodore L. Hollar, M Almon, A S. Agatston, and S E. Messiah

Effect of a two-year obesity prevention intervention on percentile changes in body mass index and academic performance in low-income elementary school children., D Hollar, S E. Messiah, G Lopez-Mitnik, Theodore L. Hollar, M Almon, and A S. Agatston

Healthier options for public schoolchildren program improves weight and blood pressure in 6- to 13-year-olds., D Hollar, S E. Messiah, G Lopez-Mitnik, Theodore L. Hollar, M Almon, and A S. Agatston

All hazard preparedness: are you ready?, James T. Howell

Factors associated with risk for unprotected receptive and insertive anal intercourse in men aged 40 and older who have sex with men., Robin J. Jacobs, Maria I. Fernandez, Raymond L. Ownby, George Stephen Bowen, Patrick C. Hardigan, and Michael N. Kane

HIV-related stigma in midlife and older women, Robin J. Jacobs and M N. Kane

Using One Question to Identify Women at Risk for an Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy, Kenneth E. Johnson, M. B. Sobell, and L. C. Sobell

Mental health in HIV seronegative and seropositive IDUs in South Florida., Deborah L. Jones, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Peggy Gonzalez, Alison Mack, Adarsh M. Kumar, Raymond L. Ownby, Stephen M. Weiss, and Mahendra Kumar

Perceptions of students about younger and older men and women who may be homeless, M.N. Kane, D. Green, and Robin J. Jacobs

Predictors of the importance of spiritual and religious beliefs among university students, M.N. Kane and Robin J. Jacobs

Influence of chirality using Mn(III) salen complexes on DNA binding and antioxidant activity., N U. Khan, Naushira Pandya, M Kumar, P K. Bera, R I. Kureshy, S H. Abdi, and H C. Bajaj

Disparities in psychological, neuroendocrine, and immunologic patterns in asymptomatic HIV-1 seropositive and seronegative gay men, Nancy G. Klimas, Gordon Broderick, J. Fuite, A. Kreitz, S. D. Vernon, and Mary A. Fletcher

Commentary on the globalization of osteopathic medicine, Andrew M. Kusienski and Yasmin Frank Qureshi

Nucleotide Excision Repair Deficiency is Intrinsic in Sporadic Stage I Breast Cancer, Jean J. Latimer, Jennifer M. Johnson, Crystal M. Kelly, Tiffany D. Miles, Kelly A. Beaudry-Rodgers, Nancy A. Lalanne, Victor G. Vogel, Amal Kanbour-Shakir, Joseph L. Kelley, Ronald R. Johnson, and Stephen G. Grant

More Than Just Muscles, Heather C. McCarthy

Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism prevents hedonic deficits induced by a chronic sodium appetite., Mariana Morris, E S. Na, and A K. Johnson


Reduction of immune activation with chloroquine therapy during chronic HIV infection., Shannon Marie Murray, Carrie M Down, David R Boulware, William M Stauffer, Winston P Cavert, Timothy W Schacker, Jason M Brenchley, and Daniel C Douek

Adenoviral inhibition of AT1a receptors in the paraventricular nucleus inhibits acute increases in mean arterial blood pressure in the rat., C A. Northcott, S Watts, Y Chen, Mariana Morris, A Chen, and J R. Haywood

Neuroinflammation and cognitive aging., Raymond L. Ownby


New approaches in the treatment of short term and middle of the night insomnia: emerging evidence for a role for sublingual zolpidem tablets., Raymond L. Ownby

Depression care and prevalence in HIV-positive individuals, Raymond L. Ownby, R J. Jacobs, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, and F Gould

Depression, care, and prevalence in HIV-positive individuals., Raymond L. Ownby, Robin J. Jacobs, D. Waldrop-Valverde, and F. Gould

Caregiver reports of sleep problems in non-Hispanic white, Hispanic, and African American patients with Alzheimer dementia., Raymond L. Ownby, M Saeed, W Wohlgemuth, R Capasso, A Acevedo, G Peruyera, and S Sevush

Humerus fractures in the pediatric population: an algorithm to identify abuse., Naushira Pandya, K D. Baldwin, H Wolfgruber, D S. Drummond, and H S. Hosalkar

Managing diabetes in long-term care facilities: benefits of switching from human insulin to insulin analogs., Naushira Pandya and E Nathanson

La Caja de Pandora: Improving Access to Hospice Care Among Hispanic and African American Patients, Alina M. Perez and Kathy L. Cerminara