Faculty Articles

Faculty Articles

A selection of scholarly articles from the faculty of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2017

Sanford Lee County-An action oriented community diagnosis: Findings and Next steps of actions, M. Adams, K. Kovach, M. Loomis, S. Przbyla, and Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

Strengthening the evidence base on youth sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Eastern Caribbean, C. Allen and Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

Jamaica Medical Mission Trip: Building a Legacy for Our Youth, Paula L. Anderson-Worts

Predictors of Sunburn Risk Among Florida Residents., Sergey Arutyunyan, Sarah Alfonso, Nilda Hernandez, Tracy Favreau, and Maria I. Fernandez

Calciphylaxis, Cheryl Atherley Todd

Wellness for African Americans through churches (II): Knowledge, beliefs and barriers influencing prostate cancer prevention and screening behaviors among African American men, D.E. Blocker, L. Smith Romocki, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell, B. Jones, E.J. Jackson, L. Reid, and M.K. Campbell


A Body/Mind Perspective to Enhancing Movement, Annette BoVee-Akyurek and Kara Erolin

Analysis of Factors which Predict Success, Rebecca M. Cherner

Health Matters: Human Side of Medicine, Rebecca M. Cherner

OSCE, Rebecca M. Cherner

Perceptions of Medical Students Learning Experiences, Rebecca M. Cherner

“The Life Cycle” in Health Matters: The Human Side of Medicine, Rebecca M. Cherner

A randomized controlled trial evaluating the use of daily short message system (SMS) text message reminders to increase antiretroviral adherence in a primary care specialty clinic. Journal of Medical Internet Research., K A. Clauson, Elizabeth M. Sherman, and Robin J. Jacobs

Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma Precipitated by Inhaled Albuterol Treatment, Peter M. Cohen, Victor A. Jaffe, and Nadine B. Chipon Schoepp

The role of bevacizumab in the treatment of glioblastoma, Roberto Jose Diaz, Sheikh Ali, Mehreen Gull Qadir, Macarena I. De La Fuente, Michael E. Ivan, and Ricardo J. Komotar

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Depression, Sexual Behaviors, and Drinking Patterns among Adult Latino Sexual Minorities, Maria I. Fernandez


Net yet titled, Jay M. Fleisher

Risk Assessment Bias in Epidemiological Studies, Jay M. Fleisher and Monees Syed

Prevalence and correlates of substance use among youth living with HIV in clinical settings, Kristi E. Gamarel, Larry Brown, Christopher W. Kahler, Maria I. Fernandez, Douglas Bruce, Sharon Nichols, and Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Intervention

The usefulness of the CRAFFT in screening for problematic drug and alcohol use among youth living with HIV, Kristi E. Gamarel, Kimberly M. Nelson, Larry Brown, Maria I. Fernandez, Sharon Nichols, and the Adolescent Medicines Trials Network for HIV/AIds Intervention

Body image and sexual behavior in emerging adults: a predictive model for safe sex, M Gandhi, S V. Alfonso, L A. Alfonso, and Maria I. Fernandez


A GIS Approach to Identifying Socially and Medically Vulnerable Older Adult Populations in South Florida, Elizabeth Muller Hames, Justin Stoler, Christopher T. Emrich, Sweta Tewary, and Naushira Pandya

An Empirically-Based Transactional Model of Same-Sex Sexual Orientation, G W. Harper, D Bruce, B DM Wilson, D Motley, O B. Jamil, R S. Torres, M A. Hidalgo, A Brodsky, Maria I. Fernandez, and the Adolescent Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions

Early Detection of Pressure Injury Using a Forensic Alternate Light Source, Heather Hettrick, Cheryl Hill, and Patrick Hardigan

Training early childcare providers in evidence-based nutrition practices improves nutrition environments, policies, and practices of early childcare centers, Theodore L. Hollar, Nicole J. Cook, Ruby Natale, David Quinn, Teina Phillips, and Michael De Lucca

Training early childcare providers in evidence-based nutrition strategies can help improve nutrition policies and practices of early childcare centers serving racially and ethnically diverse children from low-income families, Theodore L. Hollar, Nicole J. Cook, Ruby Natale, David Quinn, Teina Phillips, and Michael De Lucca

Smoke-free multi-unit housing policies reduce exposure to secondhand smoke among racially and ethnically diverse, low-income seniors, Theodore L. Hollar, Nicole J. Cook, David Quinn, Teina Phillips, and Michael De Lucca

An evolution of state-level tobacco restriction policies: A longitudinal cluster analysis of changes in states' policies and sociodemographics from 2000-2010, Theodore L. Hollar and Patrick Hardigan

What drives changes in health, smoking, and tobacco restriction policies: A path analysis exploring state-level healthy days, adult smoking, tobacco restriction policies, and state policy liberalism, Theodore L. Hollar and Patrick Hardigan

Access to care and medication adherence in a sample of rural Ecuadorians with chronic illness, Robin J. Jacobs

A qualitative study examining health literacy and chronic illness self-management in Hispanic and non-Hispanic older adults, Robin J. Jacobs

Predictors of medical students’ readiness to utilize health information technology, Robin J. Jacobs, H Iqbal, Arif M. Rana, Z Rana, and M N. Kane

Disease self-management in an ethnically-diverse sample of midlife and older adults with multimorbid chronic conditions: A qualitative analysis, Robin J. Jacobs, Michael N. Kane, and Marie Florent-Carre

Gender differences in medical students’ perceptions and attitudes toward learning health information technology, Robin J. Jacobs, Arif M. Rana, Hassan Iqbal, and Zaid Rana

Development of an innovative medical school curriculum to enhance students’ readiness to utilize health information technology in future practice, Robin J. Jacobs, Arif M. Rana, H Iqbal, and Z Rana

Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Victor A. Jaffe, Peter M. Cohen, and Victor A. Jaffe

Correlation between self-efficacy in sexual negotiation and engagement in risky sexual behaviors: Pilot study of adolescents attending a secondary school in Grenada, West Indies, D. Jones, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell, J. Lewis-Harris, and C. Richards

Catholic priests’ beliefs of the use of power by their bishop, Michael L. Kane and Robin J. Jacobs

Discussion of first-degree relatives' colorectal cancer risk: Survivors perspectives., A. Koskan, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell, D. Yu, G.P. Quinn, S. Dessureault, D. Shibata, P.B. Jacobsen, and C.K. Gwede

Physical Activity of Osteopathic Medical Students and Performance on the COMLEX-USA Level 1, Adrienne Law, Theodore L. Hollar, Peter A. Sprague, Patrick Hardigan, and Elliot Sklar

Journal of Biological System, Jennie Q. Lou

Long Term Effectiveness of a Wellness Program on the Lives of People with Multiple Sclerosis., J. Q. Lou, S. Classen, and C. Peirce

The Effectiveness of a wellness program for people with multiple sclerosis - A randomized controlled trial, J. Q. Lou, S. Classen, C. Peirce, J. Alvrez, and P. Hardigan

Syndemic factors associated with drinking patterns among Latino men and Latina transgender women who have sex with men in New York City, Omar Martinez, Elwin Wu, Ethan Levine, Miguel Munoz-Laboy, Joseph Spadafino, Brian Dodge, Scott Rhodes, javier Lopez Rios, Hugo Ovejero, Eva Moya, Silvia Chavez Baray, Alex Carballo-Dieguez, and Maria I. Fernandez


Arm, Leg, and Foot Skin Water in Persons With Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Relation to HbA1c Assessed by Tissue Dielectric Constant (TDC) Technology Measured at 300 MHz., Harvey N Mayrovitz, Irina Volosko, Bansari Sarkar, and Naushira Pandya

As a National Faculty Member of National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) I participated in multiple events, please see Professional Service Category, Heather C. McCarthy

Multiple simulation and standardized patient cases written. I have attached the cases throughout this portfolio under the course or event they were implemented in., Heather C. McCarthy

Exploring the Arrest and Synthetic Psychoactive Drug (SPD) Relationaship: Observations from a Young Adult Population, Bryan Miller and Maria I. Fernandez

Dermascope Use by Osteopathic Primary Care Physicians, Jeff Morris, Sarah Alfonso, Nilda Hernandez, and Maria I. Fernandez

Use of and intentions to use dermoscopy among physicians in the United States, Jeffrey B. Morris, Sara V. Alfonso, Nilda Hernandez, and Maria I. Fernandez

Invited Peer reviewer for article entitled, "Sex differences in osteopathic medical students entering family medicine and attitudes regarding OMT", Doris B. Newman

The Review and Validation of Interprofessional Clinical Case-Scenario Activities Based on the Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) Process, Elizabeth Oviawe


The ER retention protein RER1 promotes alpha-synuclein degradation via the proteasome, Hyo-Jin Park, Daniel Ryu, Mayur Parmar, Benoit I. Giasson, and Nikolaus R. McFarland

Implementation of a hospital based wellness programme: Do cash incentives promote healthier behaviour?, K. Perrin, E. Bird, and Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

The use of protective equipment among Vietnamese manicurists: A pilot study, K. Perrin, K. Ho, and Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

An examination of the Burden of Chronic Kidney Disease amongst patients visiting the General Hospital in Grenada 2010-2012, D.J. Purcell and Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

Detection of Alpha-Thalassemia Gene Mutations using the Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin.", Mark Rabinowitz, Nicole J. Cook, and Kamara Salmon

Screening for Alpha-Thalassemia Gene Mutations using the Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin, Mark Rabinowitz, Nicole J. Cook, and Kamara Salmon


Salvador Minuchin, MD: Innovator and Challenger, Michael D. Reiter


Ten Things I Learned From Dr. Salvador Minuchin, Michael D. Reiter

FMDA's Proposed Bylaws Changes, Kenya M. Rivas

Geriatric Medicine Exam Blue-Print Review, Kenya M. Rivas

Creativity as Medicine, Janet L. Roseman

Credential in Medical Humanities, Janet L. Roseman

Editing a special journal on "Spirituality and Sacred Space" for Leibert Publications, Janet L. Roseman

Empathy in Osteopathic Training and Education Clinical Preceptor Perception of Empathy, Janet L. Roseman

Integrative medicine fellowship program--working with Dr. Lafferty, Dr. Wallace, Dr. Jill Wallace Ross, Dr. Filker, Janet L. Roseman

My Stepping Stone to Osteopathic Medicine, Janet L. Roseman

Reviewed article, Janet L. Roseman

Spiritual Cases for Medical students, Janet L. Roseman

The Dancer as Mystic, Janet L. Roseman

Video Reviews of Clinical Encounters: Can Authentic Feedback Improve Third-Year Student Physicians’ Interpersonal Skills?, Janet L. Roseman and Heather C. McCarthy


Grief and Healing, Janet Lynn Roseman, Elizabeth Muller Hames, and Paula L. Anderson-Worts

Homelessness and Health, Elliot Sklar, Kristi D. Messer, and Pia Valvassori

Hypertension 2007: Where we are, How we got here, Samuel K. Snyder and Aleisha Olby

Gatekeepers' perceptions on the quality and availability of of services for cervical cancer patients in Grenada, West Indies: An exploratory investigation., W.L. Tarver, M. Primus-Joseph, S. Ifill, and Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

Hospice Illnesses in Corrections, David Thomas

Hospice in Corrections, David Thomas

Chronic Illness Clinics, David L. Thomas

Exploring colorectal cancer diagnosis disclosure to first -degree relatives: An African-American family case study, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

Selected social marketing-related abstracts , Internet sources, and books, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

Folic acid promotion for Hispanic women: A vitamin diary study, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell, K. Hauser, N. Rodriguez, and G. Quinn

The criteria for revealing family secrets: A framework for understanding colorectal cancer disease disclosure among African American patient population, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell, W.L. Tarver, J. Baldwin, M. Coulter, and C.K. Gwede

Grenadian women's perspectives on screening for breast and cervical cancer: A participatory approach to understanding prevention, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell, W.L. Tarver, C. Richards, W. Primus-Joseph, and B. McBarnette

Developing and Testing a Conceptual Model Predicting Unprotected Sex among Youth Living with HIV in 17 U.S. Cities, J Van den Berg, Maria I. Fernandez, M I. Fava, B Rudy, P Wilson, and the Adolescent Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions

Socio-cultural factors influence vulnerability to HIV infection: An outreach to men who have sex with men (MSM) in Grenada., T.R. Worell, P.E Gamache, Kamilah Thomas-Purcell, and R.D Jeremiah

Aspermia: A Review of Etiology and Treatment, Donghua Xie, Boris Klopukh, Guy Martin Nehrenz, and Edward Gheiler

Ureterocele: Review of Presentations, Types, and Coexisting Diseases, Donghua Xie, Boris Klopukh, Guy Martin Nehrenz, and Edward Gheiler

Magnetic Resonance Urography as an Imaging Modality for Urinary Stone Diseases, Donghua Xie, Guy Martin Nehrenz, Fernando Bianco, Boris Klopukh, and Edward Gheiler

The Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Andrology, Donhua Xie, Boris Klopukh, Guy Martin Nehrenz, and Edward Gheiler

Alcohol and Cocaine Use Among Latino and African American MSM in 6 US Cities, Nick Zaller, Cui Yang, Don Operario, Carl Latkin, David McKirnan, Lydia O'donnell, Maria I. Fernandez, David Seal, Beryl Koblin, Stephen Flores, and Pilgrim Spikes

A Latent class analysis of Unitesd States medical students' knowledge and attitudes towards the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Steven F. Zhang, Jamie Mazzurco, Nilda Hernandez, and Maria I. Fernandez

Submissions from 2016

The impact of health information technologies on quality improvement methodologies’ efficiency, throughput and financial outcomes: a retrospective observational study, Raed H. AlHazme, Syed S. Haque, Harold E. Wiggin, and Arif M. Rana

Text Messaging's Impact on an Evidence Based Medicine Tobacco Cessation Program, Steve E. Bronsburg and Steven B. Zucker

Cognitive and Performance Enhancing Medication Use to Improve Performance in Poker, J Caballero, Raymond L. Ownby, Jose A. Rey, and K A. Clauson

Evaluation of pharmacy program characteristics as a determinant on residency match rates, J. Caballero, Elizabeth M. Sherman, K. Clauson, Matthews J. Seamon, and Patrick C. Hardigan


Supporting Medical Home Transformation Through Evaluation of Patient Experience in a Large Culturally Diverse Primary Care Safety Net., Nicole Cook, T Lucas Hollar, Christie Zunker, Michael Peterson, Teina Phillips, and Michael De Lucca

Acceptance, Usability and Health Applications of Virtual Worlds by Older Adults: A Feasibility Study, Nicole J. Cook and sandra Winkler


Hepatitis C Virus Infection Screening Within Community Health Centers., Nicole Cook, Erica P Turse, Angela S Garcia, Patrick Hardigan, and Saint Anthony Amofah