CCE Theses and Dissertations

This repository hosts dissertations and M.S. theses completed at the school, across Ph.D. programs in computer science, information systems, information assurance, and computing technology in education, as well as the occasional M.S. thesis from computer science and management information systems.


Theses/Dissertations from 2008


Dissertation: Improving Knowledge Management Programs Using Marginal Utility in a Metric Space Generated by Conceptual Graphs, Jeffrey A. Schiffel


Dissertation: Web 2.0 Tools Improve Teaching and Collaboration in High School English Language Classes, Mahmud Shihab

Dissertation: Investigation of Intention to Use e-Commerce in the Arab Countries: A Comparison of Self-Efficacy, Usefulness, Culture, Gender, and Socioeconomic Status in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Humaira N. Siddiqui


Dissertation - NSU Access Only: An Investigation into the Impact of Information Technology Bank Examiners' Community Knowledge Sharing Sessions on their Individual Performance, Terence Ivor Smith

Dissertation: Examining the Validity of Testing in an Online Learning Environment, Jessica E. Street

Dissertation: Tutorial Support for Developing Recognition of Tonality Among Middle School Students in a Small Parochial School, Larry D. Wooster

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Dissertation: Training a Globally-Dispersed Trainer Population Through Desktop Video-Conferencing, Erasmus Addae


Dissertation: An Analysis of IT/IS Offshore Outsourcing: Educator Perspectives, Martin H. Bagaya

Dissertation: Author-Statement Citation Analysis Applied as a Recommender System to Support Non-Domain-Expert Academic Research, Rick Blazek

Dissertation: The Efficacy of a Web Site Evaluation Checklist as a Pedagogical Approach for Teaching Students to Critically Evaluate Internet Content, Dawn M. Bronstein

Dissertation: Examining Statistical Process Control as a Method of Temporal Data Mining, Herbert Earle Mathias Brown

Dissertation: Preliminary Examination for Empirical Knowledge(PEEK) A Fast Heuristic to Estimate the Inherent Degree of Clustering in Data Sets, J. William Cupp

Dissertation: Adaptation of Business Processes in SMEs: An Interpretive Study, Donna M. Ehrlich

Dissertation: Using Computing Technology in an Interdisciplinary Theater Curriculum for Urban High School Seniors, Katherine Flori

Dissertation: Perceptions of Online Risks, Isaac J. Gabriel

Dissertation: M*Ctree: A Multi-Resolution Indexing Structure for XML Data, Eranna K. Guruvadoo

Dissertation: An Empirical Investigation of The Effects of Discounting on Privacy Related Decisions, Jacob Hornsby

Dissertation: A Study of Attrition and the Use of Student Learning Communities in the Computer Science Introductory Programming Sequence, Trudy Howles


Dissertation: Performance Measurement for the e-Government Initiatives: A Comparative Study, Willy C. Isaac


Dissertation: Electronic Performance Support for E-Learning Analysis and Design, Thomas W. Jury


Dissertation: Measuring the Effect of E-Learning on Job Performance, Heidi Kramer

Dissertation: Using Web-based CALL to Improve English Language Mastery at the Republic of China Air Force Academy, Tien-chen Lee

Dissertation: Student Adoption of a Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning(CSCL) Mathematical Problem Solving Environment: The Case of The Math Forum's Virtual Math Teams (VMT) Chat Service, Ilene R. Litz

Dissertation: Assessing Individual Contribution in Online Collaborative Activities, Jason Lively

Dissertation: A Systems Analysis of Information Technology and the Use of WLANs Implemented by an FBI Field Office for Crisis Response Incidents: The Columbia Field Office Case Study, Michael J. Neubauer

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Attitudes Cost and Benefits of Telework for Information Systems Employees, Bernard J. Noble


Dissertation: Painting the Voice: Weblogs and Writing Instruction in the High School Classroom, Marilyn V. Olander


Dissertation: Measuring Factors That Influence the Success of E-government Initiatives, Ronnie Park

Dissertation: An Investigation of Interactional Coherence in Asynchronous Learning Environments, Andrew Potter

Dissertation: Elementary Educator's Experiences with Learning Object Repository Interfaces: Layered and Non-Layered, Loreen Marie Powell

Dissertation: Dynamic Selection of Cryptographic Algorithms in Runtime Environment Using the Weighted Metric Method, Jalal Raissi

Dissertation: Using Simulators to Guide Practice and Reinforce Online Learning, Anthony P. Slabicki

Dissertation: Seniors Go Online, An Assessment of the Value of Usability: Is it Perceived Usefulness or Perceived Ease of use ?, Terry J. Smith

Dissertation: Perceptual Organization of eCommerce Risks Among Consumer: A Cross-Country Study, Monica C. Ugbaja

Dissertation: An Analysis of Spectral Selectivity on Edge Detection Algorithms for a Non-invasive Identification of Skin Cancer, Gerald R. Williams

Dissertation: Academic Integrity in the Internet Age, William H. Yates

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Dissertation: Design, Development, and Implementation of a Public Key Crytosystem for Automated Teller Machines: The Toronto Dominion Bank Case Study, Tamer Aboualy

Dissertation: Evolutionary Algorithm for Generation of Air Pressure and Lip Pressure Parameters for Automated Performance of Brass Instruments, James A. Bilitski

Dissertation: Storage Reduction for Distributed disk-Based Backup in Storage Area Network, Tahsin Chou

Dissertation: An Investigation of a COBIT Systems Security IT Governance Initiative in Higher Education, Claude L. Council III

Dissertation: A Study of The Impact of Users' Involvement, Resistance and Computer Self-Efficacy on the Success of a Centralized Identification System Implementation, Theon L. Danet

Dissertation: Computer Use by Latino Migrant Families: Increasing K-2 Children's Reading Skills Through Parent Training, Margarita Elorriaga

Dissertation: An Adaptive Machine Learning Approach to Knowledge Discovery in Large Datasets, Kevin Ewert

Dissertation: An Examination of the Effect of Involvement Level of Web Site Users on the Perceived Credibility of Web Sites, Susan Shepherd Ferebee

Dissertation: Computer-based Reading Program with At-risk Pre-kindergarten Students, Elizabeth Gail Owens Flangan


Dissertation: Information Policies and Practices of Knowledge Management(KM) as Related to the Development of the Global Aviation Information Network(GAIN)- An Applied Case Study and Taxonomy Development, Jeffrey S. Forrest


Dissertation: A Faculty Development Handbook for Quality Online Instruction, Joan Carol Frese


Dissertation: Using Neural Networks to Develop a New Model to Screen Applicants for Apartment Rentals, Michael T. Furick

Dissertation: A Model of Best Practices for Project Management Strategies in an Administrative Computing System Implementation in Higher Education, Marlene Groman


Dissertation: Developing a Nisga'a Learning Objects Repository for Use in the Schools, Kim A. Hansen


Dissertation: Standards Directory: An Engineering and Technology Standards Digital Library and Information Retrieval System for The Walt Disney Company, Shawn Harrs

Dissertation: Chiro-information © : Towards a Semantic Web Health Record and Ontology for Coordination of Patient Information Between Chiropractic and Allopathic Physicians, Elizabeth K. Hawthorne


Dissertation: Scholarly Communication and Knowledge Management in American Zoos, Julia Innes


Dissertation: An Investigation of the Effects of the Gerogis Framework for Integrating TECHnology(In Tech) Training Program on Teachers' Computer Self-Efficacy and Computer Utilization, Ian Johnson


Dissertation: Privacy Policies: A Study of Their Use Among Online Canadian Pharmacies, Joanne Kuzma

Dissertation: Evaluating E-textbooks in a Business Curriculum, Donna N. Losciuto Lane

Dissertation: Applying Decision Theory to Quantify the Cost of Network Security Risk, Cathrine Linnes

Dissertation: A JAVA based API for the Implementation and Maintenance of Domain Specific Collaborative Virtual Environments, Mike B. Litman

Dissertation: Computers as Ubiquitous Tools for Teachers and Learners: A Case Study of the Maine Laptop Initiative, Jack Mara

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Relationships Between Users and Providers of Information Technology Services for Improved IT Effectiveness, Arthur C. McAdams

Dissertation: Knowledge Management: Evaluating Strategies and Processes Used in Higher Education, Anita F. McCarthy


Dissertation: A Quantitative Analysis of Performance in a Multi-Protocol Ad Hoc 802.11b-based Wireless Local Network, Paul Christian Nielsen Jr.

Dissertation: A Data Warehouse Methodology and Model for Student Data in Higher Education, Harold Palmer


Dissertation: Blogging: An Inquiry into The Efficacy of a Web-based Technology for Student Reflection in Community College Computer Science Programs, Jane W. Perschbach


Dissertation: Effectiveness of Asynchronous Reference Services for Distance Learning Students Within Florida's Community College System, Patricia C. Profeta

Dissertation: The Attitudes and Preferences of Internet Users in Thailand Toward Online Privacy Rights, Kriangsak Pukawan

Dissertation: Electronic Mail Retention Policies in Mid-sized Manufacturing Companies in The United States, David R. Reavis

Dissertation: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Interview Techniques in the Elicitation of Tacit Knowledge for Requirements Engineering in Small Software Projects, Jonathan Reichental

Dissertation: The Construction and Validation of a Resource Cover Page as an Instrument for Cataloging Internet Resources in the Semantic Web, Malik F. Saleh

Dissertation: A Case Study of Information Assurance Field Experience, Helen Schneider


Dissertation: Establishing a New Paradigm in Engineering and Technology education: An Experimental Analysis of Multiple Learning Methodologies and Examination of Cognitive Profiles of Continuing Education Students, James A. Sinclair

Dissertation: Improving the Decision Making Process for Information Security through a Pre-Implementation Impact Review of Security Countermeasures, Glenn Allan Stout

Dissertation: Parallel Hybrid Clustering using Genetic Programming and Multi-Objective Fitness with Density(PYRAMID), Samir R. Tour


Dissertation: An Improved Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Adaptable Parameters, Khoa Duc Tran

Dissertation: An Empirical Investigation of Workflow Management Systems Queues: A Case Study of Telephone Call Canter Systems Queue Performance, Arisa K. Ude

Dissertation: Web-Based evaluation Process for an Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, John Ventura

Dissertation: Workplace Technology Competencies for Associate Degree Marketing Programs, Del Wakley

Dissertation: Blending Electronic and Classroom Teaching to Support Deaf and hard of Hearing College Students, Qi Wang

Dissertation: E-Learning for Advanced Learners in Multi-Ability Classrooms, Cheryl Lynn Ward

Dissertation: Implementation of the People Capability Maturity Model with Technical Support Personnel in Volusia County School District, Creed R. Wheeler

Dissertation: Using Technology With Learning Disabled Readers: A Meta-Analysis, Ann W. Wolf

Dissertation: A Software Replication Model for Rejuvenation Transparency to Clients in a Single Computer Environment, Seong R. Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Dissertation: A Comparative Study of Childhood Trauma and Current Dissociation in a Sample of Sex Industry Workers, Evelyn Abramovich


Dissertation: Computer-Supported Rehabilitation Management A Case Study of Using Virtual Reality Technology in Ambulatory Training for Post-Acute Stroke Patients, Felix O. Akinladejo

Dissertation: A Model for Developing Interactive Instructional Multimedia Applications for Electronic Music Instructors, Antonio D. Biello

Dissertation: The Effects of Learning on Evolvability and its Evolution, Grant William Braught

Dissertation: Development and Implementation of a Plan for an Online Educational Technology Program Leading to Cross Endorsement for Connecticut Educators, Antoinette P. Bruciati

Dissertation: An Investigation of the Effects of The Integration of Computing Technology in a Science Curriculum on Female Students' Self-Efficacy Beliefs Toward Computing, Donna Cady

Dissertation: Information Privacy as Required By The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA): Awareness and Barriers to Compliance as Experienced by Small Health Care Practitioners in Rural West Virginia, Tracy M. Christofero

Dissertation: An Analysis of The Implementation of an Online Collaboration System to Support Legal Communities of Practice, Barbara L. Ciaramitaro

Dissertation: The Online Resource Selection Instructional Design Script, Deborah Elizabeth "Sunny" Cohen

Dissertation: An Evaluation of the Consistency of Judicial Sentencing Systems that Incorporate Subjective Factors, Mark A. Cohen

Dissertation: A Survey of the Massachusetts Cities and Towns to Examine Interest Filtering Policies in Public Schools, Ralph J. Covino II

Dissertation: The Development of an Information Literacy Indicator for Incoming College freshmen, Ron Critchfield

Dissertation: A Study of the Impact of Price Elasticity on the Adoption Decision of Minicomputers, Dorrell W. Crittenden

Dissertation: Integrating Online Social Environments Into Community College Student Organizations, Nicholas A. DiTirro

Dissertation: An Investigation of Learners' Attitudes and Preferences that Relate to Participation in Internet-Based Instruction at Coastal Carolina University, Joyce Dorman

Dissertation: Using a Bayesian Belief Network for Going-Concern Risk Evaluation, Azad Ejaz

Dissertation: An Evaluation of Program for Cooperative Cataloging(PCC) Records Used in Non-PCC Libraries, Robert O. Ellett Jr.

Dissertation: The Effects of Using the Practical Ear Training Tool(PET) Paired with Mnemonic Imagery on Enhancing Traditional Ear Training Methods for Undergraduate Music Students, Michael K. Estep