CCE Theses and Dissertations

This repository hosts dissertations and M.S. theses completed at the school, across Ph.D. programs in computer science, information systems, information assurance, and computing technology in education, as well as the occasional M.S. thesis from computer science and management information systems.


Theses/Dissertations from 1991

Dissertation: The Development And Evaluation of A Hypertext Computer-Based-Training Program For The Training of New Substitute Teachers In Old Bridge, New Jersey, Cathy Grimaldi

Dissertation: Design of Specifications And Requirements For The Computer-Based Training System For An Automated Small-Group Home Facility To Accommodate Mentally And Physically Disabled Persons, Diane J. Haley

Dissertation: A Strategic Plan For Academic Computing At Ohio Dominican College, Arthur T. Koch

Dissertation: The Effect of Vocabulary Integration in the Curriculum on Learning at the Junior High School Level, Burton F. Neumeier


Dissertation: A Meta-Analysis of Learner Control In Computer-Based Learning Environments, June A. Parsons

Dissertation: An Investigation Into the Effects of Computerization on Academic Advising, Mark W. Smith

Dissertation: Computer Science Teacher Certification And Student Success on the Advanced Placement Computer Science Examinations, William Eugene Stevens


Dissertation: Dissertation Report IS 8995 Using Dialog CIP At Winona State University To Educate End-Users, Kathryn Sullivan

Dissertation: Marketing the Learning resources Center at South Florida Community College: A Business Approach, Luella Bosman Teuton


Dissertation: Curriculum-Oriented CAI Based On Instructional Technology To Be Used For Teaching Secondary School Students Introductory Library Skills, Theresa K. Toohil

Dissertation: An Integrated Needs Assessment And Training Plan Model For Employees of the Logistics Systems Group, Joyce E. Wood

Theses/Dissertations from 1990

Dissertation: Planning, Producing, And Reporting A Computer Fair In a Local Community, Joanne G. Cortese

Dissertation: The Effect of Distress on the Quality of Computer Programming, William C. Cross

Dissertation: A Feasibility Study of An Automated Public Access Catalog For The Great Neck Library, Mary B. Dehn

Dissertation: The Development and Implementation of a Benchmark Process for Distributed Relational Database Management Systems, Godon Fullerton

Dissertation: An Introduction of Office Automation and A Document Management System Within a Multiple Plant Manufacturing Organization, Jerry A. Katz

Dissertation: An Exploratory Qualitative Study for the Design and Implementation of an Educational mentoring Program For At-Risk Students, John Kistler

Dissertation: Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in the High School Chemistry Lab, Carol Miglin

Dissertation: Creation Of A Model And A Partial Strategic Plan For The University of Texas-Pan American Library, David S. Mizener

Dissertation: Hypertext Computer-Assisted Instruction for Geriatric Physical Therapists, Michael Moran

Dissertation: Using Microcomputer Software To Remediate Critical Thinking Skills In Disadvantaged Students, Minder Rucker


Dissertation: A DSM-III-R Study Of Computer Addiction Among IOWA Computer Users, Randy Young

Theses/Dissertations from 1989

Dissertation: A Local Area Network Implemented At Everett High School, Linda Averill

Dissertation: The Development Of A Three Year Plan To Integrate Computers And Mathematics In the Undergraduate Liberal Arts Curriculum, Marilyn Knight Dotson


Dissertation: Library Automation In south Carolina Media Centers, Nellita P. DuBose

Dissertation: Teacher Awareness of State And Regional Computer-Related Resources, Joseph M. Formica

Dissertation: A Study To Determine The Feasibility Of Installing CD-ROM Technology In Ontario Government Libraries And Information Centers, Eva Gulbinowicz


Dissertation: A Microcomputer-Based CIA System Designed to Compliment Traditional Instruction in Navy Technical Training, John M. Kaiser

Dissertation: Implementing an Online Access Catalog In a High School Library Media Center, Patricia Bennett Labbe

Dissertation: The Organizational Implication of the Electronic Transfer of Information: Electronic Mail and Leadership, Richard D. Manning


Dissertation: Teacher Utilization of A Middle School Media Program: A Case Study, Earnestine T. McCloud

Dissertation: An Instrument for the Distribution and collection of Data Using Computer-Based Technology, Michael Thombs

Dissertation: Basic Skills Training Program For the Handicapped Using Adaptive Computer Software, Elizabeth Twohy

Dissertation: A dBase III Plus System For Processing And Maintaining Historical Records On Students' Evaluations Of Instructors And Courses, Douglas W. Warner

Dissertation: Voice Mail: A Way To Enhance Faculty Office Hours, Anthony R. Yebba

Dissertation: Guidelines for Strategic Planning in Community College Learning resource Centers: The Florida Community College Experience, Barbara M. Young

Theses/Dissertations from 1988


Dissertation: Resource Sharing: A Study of Florida's Shared-Used Library Collections, Susan Anderson

Dissertation: A Study of Perceptions and Use of A Small college consortium Library By Faculty and Students, Evelyn Kelsaw Bonner


Dissertation: The Utilization of Competitive Intelligence in Strategic Planning, SallyAnn Carr

Dissertation: Anatomy of A Software Maintenance Training Program, Larry G. David

Dissertation: Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Assist Faculty Advisors in Accurate Student Advising at The University Level, Walter F. Deal III

Dissertation: A study of the Decision styles of Individuals choosing alternatives when there Is Uncertainty, Thomas L. Johnson


Dissertation: Integrated Online Media Management Systems For Media Centers: A Model For Selection And Effective Use, Nancy R. Keating

Dissertation: A Model for Identifying Serial Collection Overlap in a Union List of Serials For Public Utility Libraries, Karen S. McConnell

Dissertation: A Feasibility Study of An Online System For the Ontario Police Commission Library, Mark Merryweather

Dissertation: The Development of A Microcomputer Financial Model for the Management of Variable Training Costs, David L. Norman

Theses/Dissertations from 1987

Dissertation: An Interactive Expert System Based Dialogue Manager( An Expert System's Quest For Knowledge), Phillip M. Adams

Dissertation: Implementing and Evaluating A Bibliographic Retrieval System for Print and Non-Print Media Materials, James L. Buchholz

Dissertation: Turning an Expert Reference Librarians' Skill Into computer Software: A Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Paul L. Catano


Dissertation: Organization For Collection Development in Medium-sized Academic Libraries, Carol W. Cubberley

Dissertation: Prolog in Computer-Based Learning: A General Purpose Interface for Overcoming Learning Blocks, George K. Fornshell


Dissertation: Strategic Planning For A Special Library, Donald A. Guerriero

Dissertation: A Feasibility Study of the Implementation of CD ROM Databases in Secondary School Library Media Centers, Nellie S. Kreis

Dissertation: Library Presence: A Tool for Recognition, Rena W. Rogge

Dissertation: A Study of Organizational Climate in Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education Libraries, Madelyn F. Valunas

Theses/Dissertations from 1986

Dissertation: Networking: Choosing A Lan Path to Interconnection, Marlyn Kemper