CAHSS Faculty Presentations, Proceedings, Lectures, and Symposia

CAHSS Faculty Presentations, Proceedings, Lectures, and Symposia

A collection of presentations, proceedings, lectures, and symposia from the faculty of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2019

Acting and Singing with Archetypes, Bill J. Adams

Acting and Singing with Archetypes, Bill J. Adams

Broward County Cultural Division’s 2021 Cultural Diversity Program, Bill J. Adams

George Crumb's "Three Early Songs", Bill J. Adams

Health Awareness: Grant-Funded Theatre Devised to Educate Audiences, Bill J. Adams and Mark Duncan

#SavedTheCrew: The Rhetoric of A Successful Grassroots Supporters Movement in American Sports, Stephen Andon


The Wall, G. Nelson Bass III and Ransford Edwards

Art as a Way of Facilitating Social Change Processes, Elena P. Bastidas and Maria Victoria Luzuriaga Bastidas

Improving Curriculum Development in Conflict Resolution Programs to Foster International Scholarship of Engagement (ISOE), Elena P. Bastidas, April Coan, and Jennifer Lawer

Conflict and Sustainability: A Case Study of the Trio Indigenous Peoples from the Suriname Amazon, Elena P. Bastidas and Gwendolyn Smith

Ocean Ecologies and Dinosaur Zoos: How Games Make Arguments about Nature, Melissa Bianchi

Twitch Plays, Twitch Writes: Rhetoric and Composition in Streaming Games Live, Melissa Bianchi

Staying Woke on Campus: Promoting Social Justice for Multilingual Students, Shanti Bruce

Why Do This and What Do I Need?: A Workshop for Preparing SWCA Certification Proposals, R. Carpenter, J. Bracewell, Kevin Dvorak, Christopher Morin, and S. Whiddon


Straight from the Source: Mediation Do's and Don'ts... from the Party's and Litigator's Perspectives, Harold Coleman Jr., Alexia Georgakopoulos, and Rebecca Storrow

And . . . Action!(?): Directing and Performing Emotion in the Writing Center, Kelly A. Concannon, Eric Mason, and Janine Morris

Online strategies for teaching qualitative research methods and data analysis, R. Cooper


Composing Exclusionary Histories: Curating the Disappeared in the Historical Archive, Mario D. D'Agostino

"Someone Make Him Stop Talking About the Cleveland Browns": Using Personal Artifacts as Invention in First-Year Composition, Mario D. D'Agostino

Not Your Typical Research Essay: Digital Alternatives for Presenting and Visualizing Research, Mario D. D'Agostino, Star Medzerian Vanguri, and Kelly A. Concannon

Establishing a Community of Inquiry in Online Writing Courses through Student and Instructor Presence, Kevin Eric DePew, Tiffany Bourelle, Jessie Borgman, Sharon Burns, Jennifer Cunningham, Kimberly Fahle, Heidi Skurat Harris, Lyra Hilliard, Cat Mahaffey, Jude Miller, Elizabeth Monske, Janine Morris, Abigail Oakley, Jason Snart, Sarah Snyder, Mary Stewart, Natalie Stillman-Webb, Scott Warnock, and Joanna Whetstone

'Students Can Change a School’: The Role of Youth Leadership in Building a School Culture of Peace, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Intercultural Dialogues in the Classroom: The Role of Youth Leadership, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth, Darby Munroe, and Michael E. Garver

Developing and Maintaining a Sustainable Writing and Communication Center, Kevin Dvorak

Peer Writing Tutors and the On-Going Conversation About Student Engagement, Kevin Dvorak, R. Carpenter, and Jacqueline Lytle

Just Brew It!: Coffee's Impact on a Writing and Communication Center Space, Kevin Dvorak, Janine Morris, Jacqueline Lytle, and Emalee M. Shrewsbury

Green New Deal: What it is and is Not, Ransford Edwards

The Beauty and Truth of Self-Destruction: Female Autoeroticism in Garland’s Annihilation, Aileen Miyuki Farrar

The Hypertext and Imagined Communities: Technologies of Self and Culture, Aileen Miyuki Farrar

From the Foreign Language Classroom to the (Virtual) World, Yvette Fuentes

DNA, Daniel M. Gelbmann

She Kills Monsters, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Facing Forward, Daniel M. Gelbmann, Mark Duncan, and William Adams

The Roles, Functions, Standards and Added Value of the Organizational Ombuds. Creating the Role in the Government, Higher Education, and Private Sectors- Opportunities for Conflict Management Professionals, Neil H. Katz, Linda N. Kovack, and Kathleen Watkins-Richardson

Tweeting History, David Kilroy

Letgooo-Ha!, Elana Lanczi

America 2016, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Portrait painting workshop at Frank Gallery, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Sankofa: For the Record, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

A Focus on "Why?": Performing Writing Through Teaching and Peer Review, Claire Lutkewitte


We Love Our Family: Fun Tips for Resolving Conflicts and Getting Along!, Judith McKay


Workshop (on conflict resolution perspectives on crisis, and negotiation to the Broward County Multi-Agency Crisis Response Teams), Judith McKay

Focus, Accountability, Motivation: The Benefits of Institutionally Supported Online Writing Groups, Janine Morris, Hanh King, Nikita McCaskill, and Robin Jackson

Launching a Strategic Social Media Presence for the NSU Write from the Start Writing and Communication Center, Janine Morris, Whitney Sessa Lehmann, Nikki Chasteen, Monique Cole 9559975, Adam DeRoss, Petra Jurova, and Noemi Nunez

Blurred Dreams, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Reel Music and Beyond: Making a Living Using Scoring for Media Techniques Beyond the Screen, Jessica Muñiz-Collado

Post-Imperial Imaginaries: The Science of Working Juju, Andrea Shaw Nevins

The Avengers Save Composition: A Live Comic Book Performance on How to Teach Writing Using Graphic Novels, Gian Pagnucci, Brian Burke, Darius Cureton, Sandra Eckard, Nicol Eppel, Brandon Galm, Nick Katsiadas, Olivia Maderer, and Carl Sell

The Korvac Saga: The Avengers Teach Writing, Defeat the Supervillains, and Save the Universe and the University (A Live Comic Book Performance)!, Gian Pagnucci, Chauna Craig, Darius Cureton, Brandon Galm, Julia Galm, Nicol Eppel, and Sandra Eckard


The Role of the Media: The First Amendment and Beyond, Michael L. Richmond and Charles Zelden

Faculty Development: Web-Enhance and Blended Learning in Experiential Learning, Judith Slapak-Barski, Molly J. Scanlon, and Kevin Dvorak

Social Movements in the Time of Trump: The Signs of South Florida's Resistance, Eileen Smith-Cavros


Protecting life is not just a woman’s job, Vicky Toscano

The Narratives in Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Politics: What They Tell Us About Motherhood, Vicky Toscano

Style and the Future of Composition Studies, Star Medzerian Vanguri, William Fitzgerald, Rebecca Moore Howard, Andrea Olinger, and Brian Ray

The "Impersonal" Personal and Paradox in Kay Ryan’s Poetry, Kate Waites

Submissions from 2018

Healthy Belting: To Belt or Not to Belt?, Bill J. Adams

Acting and Singing With Archetypes: Part 1, Bill J. Adams, Allison Hetzel, and Marlene Johnson

Invoking the Spirit of Peace: Religious Leaders’ Action for Peace in Africa, Bertha K. Amisi

Rhetoric beyond VegasStrong: Considering Epideictic Responses by Sports Teams after Tragedies, Stephen Andon

#SaveTheCrew: Evaluating the Rhetorical Response of Fans to the Threat of Team Relocation, Stephen Andon

Japanese Theatre Technical Adaptations for Western Plays RV Schooner, Kelly Berry and Daniel M. Gelbmann

Memoir Writing Workshop, Shanti Bruce

Staff Training and Professional Development, Shanti Bruce

Transnational Approaches to Language, Literacy, and Activism, Shanti Bruce

Past 90-Day Marijuana Use Frequencies and Associations with Mental Health Problems Among Young Adults, Mance E. Buttram and Steven P. Kurtz

Solo Piano Works by Beethoven and Schubert, Michael Caldwell

Evidence on the Effectiveness of Course-Embedded Consultant Programs in First-Year Writing Classrooms, Russell Carpenter and Kevin Dvorak

Establishing Connections Between Peer Writing Tutor Work and Student Engagement, Russell Carpenter, Kevin Dvorak, Jacqueline Lytle, and James McClure

Locating Affect and Emotion in Writing Center Scholarship, Kelly A. Concannon, Eric Mason, and Janine Morris

Keeping a Clear Head: Mindfulness for Teens, Veronica Diaz and Noemi Nunez


Haplogroup Migration to the UK, Leading to the 16th-Century Do(a)ne Family, James Doan

History, Narratives, and the Rule of Power: Student Views of Lessons on 9/11 and Implications for Conflict Transformation, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth


Inclusion as Praxis: Progress through Hearing Student Voices, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Learning After 9/11: Muslim Students Speak for Themselves, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Lessons on 9/11 and Implications for Conflict Transformation, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Muslim Youth Experiences in South Florida Communities, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Muslim Youth Experiences in South Florida Communities, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Surviving Skokie, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Placing Course‐Embedded Writing Tutors into First‐Year Composition Courses: Overview and Results, Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce

New Opportunities for Student Engagement through Writing Centers, Kevin Dvorak and C. Carpenter

A Transition to Using Online Learning Modules for Staff Education, Kevin Dvorak, Kelly A. Concannon, Jacqueline Lytle, Emalee M. Shrewsbury, and Michaela Greer


Hispanic Presence in America: Culture, Literature and Language, Yvette Fuentes

Preparing Students for the Future: Practical Ideas for Teaching Specialized Spanish, Yvette Fuentes

Broadway Bash, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Dance Works, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Facing Forward, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Little Shop of Horrors, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Student Choreography Showcase, Daniel M. Gelbmann

The House of Blue Leaves, Daniel M. Gelbmann

The Mayfly: a 24 Hour Theatre Project, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Conflict Resolution, Alexia Georgakopoulos and Michael Moore

Examining the Impact of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) on PTSD Symptomatology among Residential Foster Youth, Shelley K. Green, M. M. Hospital, and S. Morris

Awakenings: An Equine Assisted Learning Research Project, Shelley K. Green, Monica Schroeder, and Michael Rolleston

Using Huge Themes as a Backdrop for Fiction, Andrew Gross, James Benn, Joan Mickelson, and Christine Jackson

Gabapentin Diversion and Misuse: Data from Law Enforcement and Substance Abusers, Jennifer Havens and Mance E. Buttram

Hegel on Non-Philosophy, Darren Hibbs

History as a Thriller Backdrop, Christine Jackson and David A. Ryan

Workplace Mediation as a Supervisory Tool, Neil Katz, Nekeisha Bascombe, April Coan, and Jennifer Lawler

“And What are We if Not Women Up for the Challenge?”: Women’s Leadership in the Whedonverses and Beyond, Juliette Kitchens, Cynthia P. Burkhead, Victoria Willis, and Julie L. Hawk