CAHSS Faculty Presentations, Proceedings, Lectures, and Symposia

CAHSS Faculty Presentations, Proceedings, Lectures, and Symposia

A collection of presentations, proceedings, lectures, and symposia from the faculty of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2019


The Wall, G. Nelson Bass III and Ransford Edwards


Composing Exclusionary Histories: Curating the Disappeared in the Historical Archive, Mario D. D'Agostino


We Love Our Family: Fun Tips for Resolving Conflicts and Getting Along!, Judith McKay


Workshop (on conflict resolution perspectives on crisis, and negotiation to the Broward County Multi-Agency Crisis Response Teams), Judith McKay


The Role of the Media: The First Amendment and Beyond, Michael L. Richmond and Charles Zelden


Protecting life is not just a woman’s job, Vicky Toscano

Submissions from 2018

Healthy Belting: To Belt or Not to Belt?, Bill J. Adams

Acting and Singing With Archetypes: Part 1, Bill J. Adams, Allison Hetzel, and Marlene Johnson

Invoking the Spirit of Peace: Religious Leaders’ Action for Peace in Africa, Bertha K. Amisi

Rhetoric beyond VegasStrong: Considering Epideictic Responses by Sports Teams after Tragedies, Stephen Andon

#SaveTheCrew: Evaluating the Rhetorical Response of Fans to the Threat of Team Relocation, Stephen Andon

Japanese Theatre Technical Adaptations for Western Plays RV Schooner, Kelly Berry and Daniel M. Gelbmann

Memoir Writing Workshop, Shanti Bruce

Past 90-Day Marijuana Use Frequencies and Associations with Mental Health Problems Among Young Adults, Mance E. Buttram and Steven P. Kurtz

Solo Piano Works by Beethoven and Schubert, Michael Caldwell

Keeping a Clear Head: Mindfulness for Teens, Veronica Diaz and Noemi Nunez

History, Narratives, and the Rule of Power: Student Views of Lessons on 9/11 and Implications for Conflict Transformation, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth


Inclusion as Praxis: Progress through Hearing Student Voices, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Muslim Youth Experiences in South Florida Communities, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Placing Course‐Embedded Writing Tutors into First‐Year Composition Courses: Overview and Results, Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce

A Transition to Using Online Learning Modules for Staff Education, Kevin Dvorak, Kelly A. Concannon, Jacqueline Lytle, Emalee M. Shrewsbury, and Michaela Greer


Hispanic Presence in America: Culture, Literature and Language, Yvette Fuentes

Broadway Bash, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Facing Forward, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Student Choreography Showcase, Daniel M. Gelbmann

The House of Blue Leaves, Daniel M. Gelbmann

The Mayfly: a 24 Hour Theatre Project, Daniel M. Gelbmann

Conflict Resolution, Alexia Georgakopoulos and Michael Moore

Examining the Impact of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) on PTSD Symptomatology among Residential Foster Youth, Shelley K. Green, M. M. Hospital, and S. Morris

Awakenings: An Equine Assisted Learning Research Project, Shelley K. Green, Monica Schroeder, and Michael Rolleston

Using Huge Themes as a Backdrop for Fiction, Andrew Gross, James Benn, Joan Mickelson, and Christine Jackson

Gabapentin Diversion and Misuse: Data from Law Enforcement and Substance Abusers, Jennifer Havens and Mance E. Buttram

History as a Thriller Backdrop, Christine Jackson and David A. Ryan

Workplace Mediation as a Supervisory Tool, Neil Katz, Nekeisha Bascombe, April Coan, and Jennifer Lawler

‘It’ll All be Right as Rain’: The Life and Death (and Life) of Transubstantial Bodies in the Buffyverse, Juliette Cross Kitchens, Heather M. Porter, and Amy Lynn Williamson

Your Transition Toolkit: Successfully Moving from Graduate Student to Early Career Professional, Juliette Kitchens, Claire Lutkewitte, and Molly J. Scanlon Ph.D.

Dance Improvisation as a Tool to Deepen Student Learning, Elana Lanczi

Dance Improvisation Master Class, Elana Lanczi

Force of Nature, Elana Lanczi

How to Create a Brand and Identity for Your Organization, Whitney Sessa Lehmann

Brief Therapy: Solution Talk with Parents of children with Autism in Taiwan, Pei-Fen Li

Share My Reel Exhibition, Kandy G. Lopez

smART Gallery, Kandy G. Lopez

(In)Visible, Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno

Engaging the Faculty: Developing Content and Writing Support, Eric Mason, Chris Netterville, and Jacob Weiers

Exploring Interface Design with the Makey-Makey, Eric Mason and Jacob Weiers

Crisis Intervention Team Training, Judith Mckay

Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Mental Health, Judith Mckay

Stress Relief (Teacher Appreciation Day), Judith Mckay


Workshop (on Conflict, Crisis, and De-escalation at Broward Partnership), Judith Mckay

Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Mental Health, Judith Mckay and Jose Rey

“Freezing” Following Conflict: Poorer-Performing Teams Exhibit Pervasive Inflexible, Low-Arousal Patterns of Interaction Following Heightened Conflict, Jay Michaels, Urszula A. Strawinska-Zanko, and Rae Yunzi Tan

#hadtopostthis: Instagram, Community Building, and Digital Literacies in Freshman Seminar, Janine Morris

Keeping Up With the Graduates: Establishing Best Practices for CampusWide Writing Support, Janine Morris

Keeping a Clear Head: Graduate Student Wellness Through Writing Center Work, Janine Morris, Veronica Diaz, and Noemi Nunez

Nova Southeastern University, Janine Morris, Ralph Rogers, and Eric Michael Samansky

Can Humans and Robots Be Friends?, Ben Mulvey

Music and S.T.E.M., Jessica Muñiz-Collado

School of Rock – the Musical – Drummer, Jessica Muñiz-Collado


[Course Delivery. Examination of Online/Distance and Hybrid Course Delivery Possibilities. Service Learning and Experiential Education Examples], Ismael James Muvingi

How to Lose a Reader in 10 Pages, Sharon Potts, Christine Jackson, Con Lehane, and Carol J. Perry

Promise Program, Anne Hearon Rambo

Solution-Focused Sculpting, Michael Reiter

Theme Song for Change: Using Music to Enhance Client Resources, Michael Reiter

Broadway Bash; bass guitar, Michael D. Reiter

Portraits in Music; bass guitar, Michael D. Reiter

“Present” Acrylic Painting, Molly J. Scanlon

Where Do You Want to Go?: Goal Setting to Get What You Want in Life, Molly J. Scanlon


Keynote (at Alpha Chi National College Honor Society Induction Ceremony), Andrea E. Shaw

Behind Closed Doors, Tennille Davis Shuster

Design for Good – PosterFest, Tennille Davis Shuster

Driving Cultural Change: The Role of Distance Learning in an Institutional Experiential Learning Initiative, Molly Slapak-Barski and Molly J. Scanlon Ph.D.

Using Ethnographic Film Actively in the Classroom. Paper Presentation, Eileen Smith-Cavros

Brazzdance, Augusto Soledad

Brazzdance, Augusto Soledad

Brazzdance, Augusto Soledad

Brazzdance, Augusto Soledad

Taught Master Classes in Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Fusion dance, Augusto Soledad

Success is in Motion: High-Performing Teams Exhibit Dynamic Conflict Management Strategy Use and High Arousal, Urszula A. Strawinska-Zanko, Rae Yunzi Tan, and Jay Michaels

Moving Forward: Emerging Research and Future Directions for Advancing the Dynamic Systems Approach to Understanding Team Conflict Dynamics, Rae Yunzi Tan, Jay Michaels, and Urszula A. Strawinska-Zanko

Getting it Right in Hellerstedt: The Implications for Abortion Regulation and Jurisprudence, Vicky Toscano

Styling the Future: Hashtagging, Translanguaging, Naming, and a New Disciplinary Identity, Star Medzerian Vanguri

City Speaks Forum on Feminism and Women in the Workplace and Culture, Kathleen J. Waites

Results from a Multi-Site Survey of Course-Embedded/Peer-to-Peer Writing Support Programs, Scott Whiddon, Julia Bleakney, Russell Carpenter, Kevin Dvorak, and Paula Rosinski


DeSantis, Gillum Seeking to Succeed Gov. Rick Scott, Charles L. Zelden

Submissions from 2017

Liminal Observation in Multidisciplinary Performance: MTV Meets Franz Schubert, Bill J. Adams

To Belt or Not to Belt?, Bill J. Adams

Post Charlottesville Dialogs-Learning, Healing, and Moving Forward, Marguerite Bryan and Michael Caldwell

Bowen Family Systems: Theory and Practice, Christopher F. Burnett

A Randomized Trial of Assessment Interventions to Reduce Drug Use and HIV/STI Sexual Risk among Young Adults Who Use Drugs in the Club Scene, Mance E. Buttram

Arrest Histories and Associations with Diagnosed Mental Health Problems and Sexual Risk Behaviors among Substance-Using Women in Miami’s Nightclub Scene, Mance E. Buttram and Steven P. Kurtz

Correlates of Severe Depression among Young Adult Men Who Use Drugs in the Club Scene, Mance E. Buttram and Steven P. Kurtz

Gabapentin Diversion and Misuse in the United States from a Law Enforcement Perspective: Diversion Rates 2002-2015 and Qualitative Research Findings, Mance E. Buttram and Steven P. Kurtz

HIV Prevention for Men Who Have Sex with Men, Mance E. Buttram and Steven P. Kurtz

Residential Proximity to Electronic Dance Music Nightclubs and Associations With Substance Use, Sexual Behaviors, and Related Problems, Mance E. Buttram, Maria Elizabeth Pagano, and Steven P. Kurtz

International Conducting Institute on social outreach to younger (and urban) audiences by our nation’s symphony orchestras, Mark J. Cavanaugh

It Takes Two to Tango: The Increasing Popularity of Mediation and its Hybrid Processes in Domestic and International Disputes, H. Coleman and Alexia Georgakopoulos

Collaboration and Contention: Reflections on Building a Literacy Center, Kelly A. Concannon, Juliette Cross Kitchens, and Karina Lozano

Effects of Environmental Risk Factors on Mexican Youth’s PTSD Scores, D. Cooper, D. Garcia Huidobro, O. Diasporo Higuera, and Kara Erolin

Caring for Others and Ourselves, Robin Cooper, Doles Jadotte, Bruce Lilyea, and Kelly Macias