CAHSS Faculty Presentations, Proceedings, Lectures, and Symposia

CAHSS Faculty Presentations, Proceedings, Lectures, and Symposia

A collection of presentations, proceedings, lectures, and symposia from the faculty of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2014

Consilience in Family Therapy and Neuroscience: Let’s Dance, James Hibel

Narrative Therapy: Foundational Ideas and a World View, James Hibel

Crossing the Synapse: The Development and Implementation of Research on Narrative Therapy and Neurobiology, James Hibel and Michelle Manley

Acknowledgement and Generativity in Reflective Group Supervision, James Hibel and David Pare

Beatles 50th Anniversary of USA Tour, Christine Jackson


Outstanding Contribution to Serious Study of Mystery and Crime Fiction, Christine Jackson

Psychological Space in Bradley’s Flavia de Luce Series, Christine Jackson

Global Competency: Why International Studies and Study Abroad Matter, David P. Kilroy

The Dead and the Departed: U.S. Presidential Visits to Ireland and Transatlantic Identity, David P. Kilroy

Can’t Stop the Signal, So Subvert It: Exploring Technodomestic Feminism in Firefly/Serenity, Juliette Kitchens

Instruments of Communication and Torture: Object-Oriented Rhetoric and the Technology of Downton Abbey, Juliette Cross Kitchens

RADARS Drug Diversion Program, Steven P. Kurtz

South Florida Men's Syphilis/HIV Coalition Panel Discussion, Steven P. Kurtz

HIV Prevention for Men Who Have Sex with Men, Steven P. Kurtz and Mance E. Buttram

HIV Prevention for Men Who Have Sex with Men, Steven P. Kurtz and Mance E. Buttram

Psychosocial Correlates of Sexual Risk Behaviors among Young Adult Women Multidrug Users in the Club Scene, Steven P. Kurtz and Mance E. Buttram

HIV Stigma among Substance Abusing Indigent PLWHA: Implications for HIV Treatment and ARV Adherence, Maria A. Levi-Minzi and Hilary L. Surratt

HIV Stigma among Substance Abusing PLWH: Implications of HIV Treatment, ARV Adherence and Diversion, Maria A. Levi-Minzi and Hilary L. Surratt

From Hollywood to Nuremberg, Stephen R. Levitt

Reentry Experiences and Clinical Transformation of MFT Graduates in Taiwan, Pei-Fen Li

Multicultural Training in MFT: International Students’ Reflections, Pei-Fen Li and J. Gale

Effective Teaching Tools for the iPad in the Classroom, Claire Lutkewitte

Going Forward by Looking Back: One Tutor’s Adventure in Archival Research, Claire Lutkewitte

Using Micro-­histories and Stories to Help Undergraduate Writing Students Conduct Research., Claire Lutkewitte

Writing for Mobile Technologies: What our Students Can Do, Claire Lutkewitte

Going Forward by Looking Back: One Tutor’s Adventure in Archival Research, Claire Lutkewitte and Kamila Albert

Effective Teaching Tools for the iPad in the Classroom, Claire Lutkewitte and Pradeep Vanguri

Supervision Refresher Course, Martha Gonzalez Marquez


Lessons from our Elders Regarding Life, Conflict, and Change, Judith Mckay

A Genre-Based Approach to Digital Reading, Janine Morris

Animal and Human Friendships in Film, Ben Mulvey

Bad People and Good Friends: Crime Films and Aristotle, Ben Mulvey

Lighting the Candle or Supping with the Devil? Zimbabwean Diaspora’s Complex Engagement with “Home”, Ismael James Muvingi

Panel Discussion: Portrayals of African Americans in Media, Ismael James Muvingi

Non-Report Reports: Creation and Use of the Video Evaluation Report and the One-Page Infographic Evaluation Summary, J. Pann, Angela Yehl, and Elda Veloso

Psychiatric Symptoms in a Sample of Young, Sexual Minority Brazilian Ecstasy and LSD Users, Flavio Pechansky, Lysa Remy, Hilary L. Surratt, and Steven P. Kurtz

The PROMISE Program, Anne Rambo

Couples Therapy with Military Families, Anne Hearon Rambo

The PROMISE Program, Anne Hearon Rambo

The PROMISE Program, Anne Hearon Rambo

Focus is the Focus, Michael Reiter

Employability Skills Group for Young Adults with Autism, M. Del Rio-Roberts, Angela Yehl, Elda Veloso, J. Pann, D. Chin, and J. Connelly

Continuous Suffering: Noirish Sensibilities in Infernal Affairs and The Departed, Marlisa Santos

Multimodal Composition and the Rhetoric of Comics: A Study of Comics Teams in Collaboration, Molly J. Scanlon

Write Your Name Somewhere Else:’ The Local Street Art Movement in Blacksburg, Virginia, Molly J. Scanlon

The Ministry of Other Things, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw-Nevins

Alternative Energy and the Social Life: An Examination of Off-Grid Living in Rural Utah, Eileen M. Smith-Carvos and A. Sunyak

Responding to an Epidemic: Rx Nonmedical Use in Florida, Hilary L. Surratt, J. L. Hall, and Steven P. Kurtz

Antiabortion Shibboleths and Law: The Transformation of Rhetoric into Scientific Fact, Vicki L. Toscano

Who in the World Buys ARV's on the Black Market?, K. Tsuyuki, Hilary L Surratt, Maria A. Levi-Minzi, and Catherine O'Grady


Sarah Polley's Docu-memoir, Stories We Tell (2012): The Deflected Subject, Kate Waites

Diversion and Illicit Sale of Extended Release Tapentadol in the United States, N. West, M.C. Le Lait, Steven P. Kurtz, Richard C Dart, J. Burke, N. Dasgupta, and V. Bebarta

Self-Management Intervention for Amputees in a Virtual World Environment, S. L. Winkler, Robin Cooper, K. Kraiger, and A. Ludwig

A Holistic Approach to Working with Returning Veterans and their Families, Angela Yehl and H. Kuhl

The More Things Change . . . A Few Thoughts on Peter H. Argersinger’s Representation and Inequality in the Late 19th Century, Charles L. Zelden

Submissions from 2013

Soccer In America Has (Finally?) Arrived: An Analysis of Two Long Form North American Soccer Magazines, Stephen Andon

My Life has Been One of Struggles: Elder Health Concerns and Treatment in Rural Ghana., Joyce Y. Avotri-Wuaku and Eileen M. Smith-Carvos

All I Need is Help to Do Well: Obstacles to Elder Health Treatment in Agate, Ghana, Joyce Y. Avotri-Wuaku and Eileen M. Smith-Cavros

Skills and Tools for Handling Conflict at Field, Enforcement, and Policy Levels, Elena P. Bastidas and G. Bastidas

Father Influence on Depression and Romantic Relationship Conflict in Emerging Adult Women, Christine Ajayi Beliard

Training Culturally-Responsive Health Professionals through the use of Conversation and Relationships, Christine Ajayi Beliard

Cuba and the Influence of South Florida Cubans, Dustin Berna

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Fall from Power, Dustin Berna

Gay Rights and American Politics, Dustin Berna

International Negotiation and the Nixon Presidency, Dustin Berna

The Iranian Election, Dustin Berna

Gender Issues in the Workplace: Perspectives of Women Intensivists, Tommie V. Boyd

Medical Family Therapy, Tommie V. Boyd

Living Treasures of Peru, Barbara Brodman

Sugar Skulls and Skeletons: Understanding the Mexican Day of the Dead, Barbara Brodman

The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire, Barbara Brodman

The Vampire as Image of Social Change, Barbara Brodman

From Writing Center to Graduate School: Opportunities, Applications and Advice from Insiders, Shanti Bruce

Getting the Writing Center into FYC Classrooms, Shanti Bruce

The Work We Do on the Web: Revising the SWCA Website, Shanti Bruce

Tutoring Second Language Writers: Lessons from International Educators, Shanti Bruce

Using the Writing Center as a Way to Invent Writing Instruction at all Levels of Education, Shanti Bruce

Bridging Theory and Practice, Marguerite Bryan

Group Sex Events Among Young Adult Multidrug Users, Mance E. Buttram and Steven P. Kurtz

Social and Environmental Predictors of Resilience among Young Adult Multidrug Users in Miami's Nightclub Scene, Mance E. Buttram and Steven P. Kurtz

Health Risks and Mental Health Problems Associated with Prescription Opioid and Benzodiazepine Abusing Men, Mance E. Buttram, Steven P. Kurtz, and Hilary L. Surratt

Managing ‘Situated Inquiry’ From Around the World: Tales from Editing an Online, Trans-Disciplinary, Qualitative Research Journal, Ronald J. Chenail


Mobile Qualitative Research: Exploring Clouds and Apps, Ronald J. Chenail

How Solution-Focused Brief Therapists Use Circularity to Create Within-Family Alliance, Ronald J. Chenail and D. Ilic

Half the Sky, Kelly A. Concannon

Our Hidden Work: Informal Mentoring and the Performing of Feminist Ethos, Kelly A. Concannon

Research Network Forum, Kelly A. Concannon

Speaking Up, Speaking Out: Community-Based Research to Improve Domestic Violence Services and Prevention Efforts, Kelly A. Concannon

Teachers Going Public: Toward New Understandings of Literacies, Social Justice, and Inter-Institutional Partnerships, Kelly A. Concannon

Teaching Distractions: Complications for COMP Fellows and Faculty Members, Kelly A. Concannon

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, Robin Cooper

Creative Combinations in Qualitative Conflict Research, Robin Cooper

Researching Constructions of Collective Identity, Robin Cooper

Adapting Dracula to an Irish Context: Reconfiguring the Vampire(s), James E. Doan

Religious Controversy in the Life and Works of Christopher Marlowe, James E. Doan

Religious Controversy in the Life and Works of Christopher Marlowe (1564-93), James E. Doan

The Universal Vampire, James E. Doan

Women and Prophecy in Early Celtic Societies and Literatures, James E. Doan

9/11, Collective Memory and Classroom Dialogues, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth

Extreme Curriculum: Experiential Peace Building Curriculum in Morocco, Cheryl Lynn Duckworth