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The world will never be the same again after the terrible attack on the economic U.S., the military U.S., the foreign policy U.S., and on human beings like all of us. We embrace the victims of the violence, of all violence, in deep grief, and express our hope that perpetrators will be brought to justice. Violence at this level can only be explained by a very high level of dehumanisation of the victims in the minds of the aggressors, often due to a very deep level of unresolved, basic conflict. The word “terrorism” may describe the tactics, but like “state terrorism” only portrays the perpetrator as evil, satanic, and does not go to the roots of the conflict.

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Johan Galtung is a Professor of Peace Studies and Director of TRANSCEND: A Peace and Development Network. Professor Galtung is one of the founding figures of the field and has taught at many universities worldwide. He has also written numerous books, all of which have contributed to the development of peace and conflict research.


class struggle, Islam, Johan Galtung, September 11 terrorist attacks, United States

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