PCSJ Conference
January 16-17, 2025
on our Ft. Lauderdale campus and online

"Finding and fostering hope in violent times"

As civil society races to demand peaceful and durable political solutions to global conflicts, and as institutions continue to fail to be able to provide them, what is the role of peace and conflict resolution studies? Where can we find and foster hope in violent times? What role does nonviolent resistance, peace education, human rights education, and similar strategies play? How can dialogue, diplomacy, mediation, and other tools of conflict resolution offer hope? What extant theories can we turn to, or what theories do we need to co-create, to address current drivers of violence? In what ways do we need to better understand inequalities of power in order to interrupt and de-escalate violence? How we can more fully center voices that continue to be marginalized so as to better develop and sustain meaningful peace processes? Our 4th annual Peace and Conflict Studies Journal conference welcomes theory building, empirical research, and insights from practice that speak to these urgent questions.

Prospective presenters should submit a proposal (approx. 300 words) to the Journal by May 31, 2024. The link is here.

The proposal should convey the findings, methodology (if applicable), and contributions of the study to the field of peace and conflict resolution. Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods studies, as well as empirically-grounded practitioner perspectives, are welcomed. Please specify as asked in the submission form if you plan to present on-campus or virtually.

Further guidance may be obtained from the general description for PCS that follows. The Journal’s website is at here.

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