Kevin Clements



The world clearly needs some new ways of thinking about old problems and new ways of acting if we are going to survive into the 21st century. It is vital, therefore, that students of peace and conflict work out ways of harnessing the creative imagination of everyone so that all peoples can envisage a positive future and ways of realizing that future. This imagining cannot be narrow. It has to be broad, inclusive, interdisciplinary and systemic but it has to begin if we are to have a viable future.

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Kevin Clements is the Vernon and Minnie Lynch Professor of Conflict Resolution, and Director of the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. He is President of the International Peace Research Association, and the IPRA Foundation. He is currently working on the role of NGOs in conflict termination/transformation processes in civil wars.


21st century, evolutionary theorists, peacebuilding, peace and conflict theorists, power politics

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