By adopting the purview of Peace and Conflict Studies and the expository approach of historical archaeology of colonialism, this paper succeeds in enumerating the models the British used to establish and perpetuate colonial violence on the Indigenous Australians, and the traumatizing impacts the violence is exerting on them. The sole essence of the paper is not only to re-establish that the British colonization of Australia was deliberate, just as the heinous models they used. Most essentially, the paper identifies the following institutions: Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS), the UN and challenges them to move from their current inert condemnation of colonial violence and adopt effective, concrete and practical frameworks that will “overthrow” the Australian colonial violence. Their sincere disposition and uncompromised commitment to this cause is important and imperative. In conclusion, the paper poses some pertinent questions to prove that colonialism is a dispensable evil.

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Peter Genger is a scholar and practitioner in Peace and Conflict Resolution and inter-cultural dialogue. He holds an MEd in Inter-religious Dialogue (Boston College), an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) (University of Manitoba) and a PACS PhD Candidate iat the same university. His areas of research include Indigenous Peacemaking, mainstreaming the African and Indigenous Peacemaking Approaches (AIPA), critical Indigenous research, decolonization, indigenous knowledge and pedagogy, conflict transformation, restorative justice, Inter-cultural dialogue, and world religions in search of community and peace.

Email: gengerpeter@myumanitoba.ca


Indigenous Australians, Colonialism, Colonial Violence, British Colonial Models, Convicts and Free, Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS), United Nations (UN), Social Change Agents

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