The literature on negotiations and bargaining has been dominated by academics in business and public administration. Given the interests and orientation of the academic disciplines, it is not surprising that the academic studies predominantly have examined the processes and dynamics at the level of collective bargaining and to a lesser extent organization leadership and management. Dispute resolution has a distinctly intra–organizational character. In 1991 the warring factions in El Salvador came together to negotiate both an end to the fighting, but also to create a framework for the introduction of a democratic government for the country. Over a period of several months the two sides shaped an agreement. Finally in late December of 1991 with a flurry of decisions an agreement was drafted and signed. Twenty years later the country continues to implement the peace accord, but there is no consensus that the task is complete.

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Raymond W. Cox, III is a Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies at the University of Akron. He received his PhD in Public Administration and Policy from Virginia Tech. Dr. Cox is the author of more than sixty academic and professional publications (including four books), a dozen reports for government agencies, as well as nearly sixty professional papers. Email: rcox@uakron.edu

Hugo Renderos completed his PhD in Urban Studies and Public Affairs from the University of Akron in December 2011. He currently resides in San Salvador, El Salvador where he is a consultant to emerging political movements. He taught at the Universidad Pedagógica de El Salvador. Email: hr8@zips.uakron.edu


alternative dispute resolution, Chapultepec Peace Accords, democracy, intra-group conflicts, political decision-making, Salvadoran Civil War

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