This introductory article in the special issue on Peacebuilding, Reconciliation, and Transformation highlights some of the central themes within the emergent field of Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS). The article discusses how this transdisciplinary field contributes to our understanding of some of the key issues that confront the PACS field in terms of analysis, theory building, and praxis. The contributors to this special issue provide a broad array of perspectives that explores conflicts and its transformation from a multidimensional perspective.

Author Bio(s)

Jessica Senehi is Assistant Professor in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba, and Associate Director of the Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice at St. Paul’s College. At the University of Manitoba, in 2007, she established the award-winning graduate-level Summer Institute for Peace and Renewing Community. In 2006, she established the Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival: Storytelling on the Path to Peace, presented by the Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice. Her research focuses on the role of storytelling in peacebuilding, cultural conflict, and gender. Email: Jessica_Senehi@umanitoba.ca

Stephen Ryan is a Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies at the University of Ulster where he is the Course Director of the Postgraduate Diploma/M.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies. His most recent book is the Transformation of Violent Intercommunal Conflict (2007). From 2006–2010 he was the Co-Chair of the International Peace Research Association’s Commission on Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding. He is the University of Ulster local coordinator for a new Marie Curie International Training Site for Sustainable Peacebuilding. Email: s.ryan@ulster.ac.uk

Sean Byrne is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, and Head of the Ph.D. and Joint M.A. Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba, and Director of the Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice at St. Paul’s College at the University of Manitoba. He is author of Economic Assistance and the Northern Ireland Conflict: Building the Peace Dividend (2009) and Growing Up in a Divided Society: The Influence of Conflict on Belfast Schoolchildren (1997). He is a co-editor Reconciliable Differences: Turning Points in Ethnopolitical Conflicts (2000) and the Handbook of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (2009). His research has been supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada. He is a native of Ireland. Email: Sean_Byrne@umanitoba.ca


Canadian-EU Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program, European Union (EU), peace and conflict studies, peacebuilding, reconciliation, transformation

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