Neil Katz is a loyal St. Louis Cardinals fan and a career organizational consultant. Jim Hibel is a loyal Florida Marlins fan and a career family therapist. Nova Southeastern University brought their professional disciplines under the same roof at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences and the Cardinals and Marlins now share the same Spring Training Facility. Over the past several years, Neil and Jim have met regularly for Cardinal and Marlins spring training games, shared their mutual love of the game, and found ways to appreciate their different teams. In between innings, and rain delays they often talked about the passion, satisfaction, assumptions, and challenges they both experienced in their different professional practices. Through these conversations they became aware that though their disciplines have traditionally been isolated from one another, there are many interesting and potentially useful points of intersection. Thinking that these conversations might be beneficial to professional practitioners in organizational conflict, family therapy, and other related fields they decided to tape and edit some of their conversations. In the edited transcript that follows, Dr. Hibel is identified as JH and Dr Katz is identified as NK.

Author Bio(s)

James Hibel is the director of institutional assessment, planning and relations, and assistant professor of family therapy at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nova Southeastern University. In addition to teaching, training and practicing as a family therapist, he has been active in bringing systems approaches to diverse projects ranging from involving larger systems in the child social welfare arena to utilizing community gardens as a platform for community building. He can be reached at hibelj@nsu.nova.edu.

Neil H. Katz is director of training and organizational development in the Executive Education Program at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University as well as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Practice in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nova Southeastern University. He is a nationally known organizational conflict consultant as well as a mediator and facilitator for many prestigious private and public organizations throughout the United States. In addition he is the author or co-author of more than thirty books, chapters and articles in conflict resolution. He can be reached at nkatz44@aol.com.


conflict resolution, disciplinary intersections, family therapy, organizational conflict

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