PEACE: Is peace the cessation of war? The Binary Logic, The History: War is organized and collective, War is a balance of strengths. Can politics alone create a foundation of peace? Is peace only security? WAR: Is the difference the cause of violence? War is linked to living together as a social group. War: Is the hidden threat in the differences between the nations? War:”Is the midwife of societies”.The problem of terrorism: Is peace the obliteration of the differences? THE MEADING OF CONFLICTS: The conflict is permanent and necessary. Peace is not a cessation of conflict. Peace exists only with, through, and owing to conflicts .PEACE AS A DIALECTIC BETWEEN JUSTICE AND LOVE: The spiritual meaning of love. Humility and responsibility. The relation to the other. THE LESSONS OF THE EIGHT WELLS OF THE BIBLE: From war to love. To give and to receive.

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Armand Abecassis, is a Professor of General and Comparative Philosophy at the Michel de Montaigne, Bordeaux, France. His areas of specialization are comparative Philosophy of Religion; Symbolic and Imaginary thought of Mediterranean peoples. He has written and published approximately 30 books, and written over 60 articles in specialized journals. In addition Professor Abecassis is fluent in Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, English, Spanish, Greek, Latin and his native French. He has received The Academy of Moral and Political Sciences award and is member of The World Alliance of Religions. He is the founding Member of the Advisory Board: Peace Research Foundation, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


international conflict, politics, security, violence, war and peace

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